Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tedium, laziness and helium

My goodness I thought it would never end.

I am referring of course to two things, one being the "good advert" for the EPL that was dished up between the port of Manchester and Chelski. Six shots on goal, lots of huff and lots of puff but hardly any class, it was almost worse than watching the Kadikoy mob play. The Milan Man Utd game can only be better after that rubbish.

The second is the comment on my previous post that was cut and pasted from AmerikanTurk. I freely admit that my previous post was, shall we say, a bit free form and stream of consciousness and deserving of criticism especially from a literary sense and maybe even a factual sense and especially a conclusion sense, so why not make your comments like that, what you did was just lazy.

Meanwhile over at planet TFF record breaking fines have been imposed on the Kadikoy mob as well as suspensions. I am sure the fact that coincides with the Besiktas game will have all the budgie fanciers reaching for their X-Files but really what choice did the TFF have espeially with Aurelio? As for the rest I don't know, not that I am upset or anything, me?, but this may be a final reckoning as far as the TFF are concerned! Or maybe they were just snorting helium!!!

Having said that this will have one of three outcomes.
1) They will either be fired up for the BJK match and rip Besiktas to pieces and go on to win the Superlig on a wave of "no one likes us we don't care" type mentatlity, or
2) They will be fired up for the BJK game and take matters into their own hands on the pitch leading to even more suspensions for red and yellow cards
3) Or their will power will be drained and they will sulk at the injustice and the season will get flushed away

Whatever, this Saturdays match up looks set to be tasty, not sure if the ref has been decided for the game but lets just hope it is Cem Deda now that would make for entertainment

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