Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fresh air and hills

Last year when we were in Cleveland I commuted to work every day by bike. Since we moved back to New Jersey that is not possible because that would give me a 100 mile ride every day in and out of Manhattan. Somehow I dont think that is practical. So I have been riding at weekends and whenever else I can find the time.

Snce last fall and all through winter I was riding on my mountain bike in the loal state parks and now that Spring has sprung I am back on the road again. Well at least I have been for the last three weekends since I got the warranty replacement rear wheel from Trek.

So I decided that today would be a long ride and cover some roads I have never used before, I tell you internet maps are the way to go. I had ridden about 50% of this route before so some of the scenery was not surprising but some was. Near where we live its quite hilly, not mountainous but there are a number of lakes and ridges which makes riding tough as you are either climbing or descending, no flat bits where you can spin and recover. So the first part of the ride included a 35 minute gradual uphill pull from the lake past Mahlon Dickerson reserve, through Russia and on over to Ogensburg. that was the familiar but. Dropping into Russia was the highlight speed wise where I hot 78km/h!! The next part was all unknown and started with a cruise past the Sterling Mine Museum and then a rolling ride into more "English" countryside, the rock shattered areas near home giving way to rolling fields and greenery. With no wind and a pleasant 25 degrees this was great, very mind relaxing. Eventually picked up a known route near Andover and then headed back into the ridges and the West shore of the lake to get home.

Rode for 3hrs and 20 mins at an average of 25 km/h which compared to many is not great but then I am not that bothered with comparisons, I enjoyed it.

One thing I believe is that the best way to see a place is on two wheels, you have time to look around and check things out. In a car you just zoom past with the iPod hooked up and the brain in neutral.......

Tomorow will be a short ride after attending to Mothers Day duties!!!!


Oz Kanka said...

"So the first part of the ride included a 35 minute gradual uphill pull from the lake past Mahlon Dickerson reserve, through Russia and on over to Ogensburg"

Through Russia? That's quite a detour.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

The husband's story made my heart swell and burst with nostalgia.

It brought back my `younger` days when I was cycling around Loch Lomond and I often burst into song and the sheer beauty and majesty of the surrounding mountains .....

Join in if you feel your heart bursting too....

By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes, where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond...... blah blah blah etc etc etc !!!

Keep on keepin on The Husband !!

the Husband said...

Well it could hve been an even bigger detour of I had taken in the nearby locales of Stockholm, Hamburg and the oxymoronic Holland Mountain road!!!!!