Sunday, May 20, 2007


What a bunch of idiots in the Ali Sami Yen last night. And I am not referring to the players although they were not much better. I am referring to the idiots in the stands who tuynred the game into a fiasco.

Its fine to be passionate about your club but this was too much, although its not surprising given the abuse that happens when Galatsaray play in Kadikoy. I recall Hasan being hit by eggs one year!! But to rip seats out and thrown them on the pitch and then set fire to what is left, pure madness. CimBom have not had the best season and I would have expected a better performance against the Kadikoy mob but the "supporters" behavior was too bad. I guess there will be a big fine and games behind closed doors. In my view the club and Polis should use the match video to identify those responsible and make sure they are not let in again, but that will probably not happen.

I can see there being a big clear out of players during the summer. There are too many players just making up the numbers and there was no hears on yesterdays performance. New defence is needed and I hope Arda stays but I have a feeling he will be moving on. I know Gerets has signed a contract extension but I have a feeling he may also be leaving.

Oh well. Thats life


Oz Kanka said...

Your headline for the article sums it up perfectly

Eski Kanka Jim said...


I suggest punishment for Fener that they start the match next weekend at minus six goals against ANKARAGUCU !!!

Alex said...

Saturday’s match was surely one of the blackest days in Galatasary’s history.
I would like to say that it was a small minority but unfortunately it was the majority that behaved like mindless idiots. I sometimes wonder what goes on in these people heads; do they really want to injure or even kill the opponent?

I can understand some of the anger that the fans have mainly with the way the club is being run, I think that my local Bakal owner has more manger skills than most of the people on the current board.

I know from close sources that violence was expected at the match, as it was supposed to be a protest against the board but why was nothing done to prevent this? Where was Canaydin? What is Polat’s roll in all this? Who is running the club?
Who is in charge?

I cannot say that I am a huge fan of Fenerbache but as a football fan, I congratulate them on wining the title, they were the best team in the super league this season & Cimbom very extremely poor with Besiktas little better.

Most of the fans do not like the Ali Sam Yen stadium is not fit for a Super league team, let alone a team like Galatasary, if you go to Kasimpasa’s new stadium just off Taksim you will be able to find better facilities.
The media certainly does not help the problem the constant hysteria when things are not going to plan, clearly creates little stability and panic management takes over which helps no one including the fans, but I guess it helps sell more papers.

The bottom line is that you treat your fans like animals they will behave like them.
The current federation run by Haluk Ulusoy and his band of merry fools do not have a clue of what to do and this is very disturbing for the future of Turkish football.
Fines & stadium bans will solve nothing! in fact it will prolong the problem.

What should they be doing?
1. Football is the number one sport in the country; so investment in all stadiums needs to fore fill to an agreed criteria by say 2010.
2. Every major city in Turkey should get a grant or funding to redevelop their stadiums. (Cities like Diyarbakir & Malatya come to mind)
3. Teams not able to implement these criteria would not be legible to play in the super league.
4. A fairer way of disturbing of money among the teams needs to be found
5. The TFF should talk to the EPL and work with it’s model and implement for the 2009 – 2010 season, the reason being is that currently the EPL is the best and most profitable league in the world.
6. Talk with the British Police about how to deal with hooligans at the game, before & after the match, The British went through many similar situations in the past and have managed to control hooligans.
7. Video cameras & CCTV should be installed in all the grounds.
8. The identified hooligans should be named and shamed.
9. All the hooligans should have stadium life time bans,
10. Better training for the Police to deal with such situations, the Police at the match dealt with the situation in a totally uncoordinated fashion.
11. Change rules to allow outright ownership, lift the current restriction on foreign players.
12. While Turkish football is still run by large groups of board members their can and will never be a coherent agenda, the typical and ugly snipes at each other will continue, the chief or owner has to be more accountable. Football is a huge business worth millions in prize money, the board members do not speak for the fans they have different agenda’s. Look at successful Turkish companies and the way they are run why is football not done in the same way.

I am sure that there are others that can easily be added.

After reading this one may ask why does a foreigner care about violence in Turkish football?
The answer is simple like it or not the world is getting smaller, Nothing is exclusive any more Turkey now has people from all round the world living in it and it is all our duties if we can to improve the conditions in our environment.

One day when I take my 50% Turkish kid to a Galatasary game I want him or her to see true Turkish sportsmanship in a safe and wonderful environment that the crowds create.

This is the showpiece of Turkish football it has to be protected.

Let’s not allow a group of mindless animals to take the beautiful game away from us!

Oz Kanka said...

Just like to say that was a brilliant comment. You summed up everything and your suggestions for solutions are spot on. I particularly liked your comment "The bottom line is that you treat your fans like animals they will behave like them."

So bloody true.

May I suggest you send off your comments to a Turkish paper, perhaps the Turkish Daily News, or one of the other English language papers.

Gulay said...


Thanks for your comments. I was so mad with the "fans" that I could not be bothered to comment too extensively. I have mentioned many of your points previously but rarely have they been summed up so well. I thought this disease was not part of the CimBom supporters mentality, with it being reserved to Trabzon for example, who remembers their 5-0 home loss to Besiktas. Ali Sami Yen is a relic and I constantly wonder with reports that GS are $32m in debt as to where the hell that money went. The Husband works for a firm who discussed and even undertook design work with GS about redeveloping the stadium a few years ago but thats as far as it goes. Part of the proposal was for private equity to develop the stadium, install shopping centre, bowling alley etc. and lease the ground to GS for match days etc. But of course this never happened even though it would have given them a new stadium with no money!!!!!!!!!! Even the old Tekel factory next door has been "given" to GS i believe to help.

Anyway lets see what happens, probably nothing except exaggerated finger pointing from the Kadikoy mob and others, with right this time unfortunately

As for FB winning, you are right they were the best but really that is not saying a tremendous amount this season and especially considering how much they had spent on the team!

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yes. Well said Alex et al.

Two good examples of treating supporters with respect spring to mind.

My team, Hibernian, had a Stadium with a 65,000 capacity once upon a time. There was one food outlet in the old terraces and one in the Main Stand. I will NOT mention the toilet facilities !

However, the old stadium was replaced piece by piece over the years and it is now one of the most modern stadium's in Scotland. The capacity is now only 17,000 but the facilities are second to none.

Needless to say, the fans treat the stadium with respect and there is seldom any trouble there. My friend, Hibbie Kanka Athole, takes his 2 young sons and daughter to the stadium without any hesitation.

The other example which deserves a mention is Hampden Park in Glasgow.

The old `unofficial` attendance record was a staggering 132,000, but it is now 52,000 and with excellent facilities for the fans.

Oh yes, and another important point worthy of mention..... no smoking and no alcohol in any stadium in Scotland !

Let's be optimistic about improvements coming to Turkey. It will certainly take time, but it must surely come !

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments on the little piece. But here's the thing that I fail to understand, many of us see the problems & we have some answers but why is it that the people who's job it is to do something about it do nothing. The Super league in my option has the potential to be a major league in Europe, it has everything a league would want.
I think that Scotland is a fine example as to how to move forward.

Gulay said...

Simple. Money, ego and power. I honestly believe that people like Canaydin, Aziz Yildirim the mafia guy who runs Besiktas etc. are bad for the game as they basically undertake a dick measuring exercise with each other and Ulusoy from TFF. The other side is the media. I For a country where only 4 teams have won everything I think there are more programmes on TV and newspaper inches devoted to football than almost anywhere else. Instant success is demanded and coaches do not have the stability to build a club and success. Look at the EPL, Sir Alex 20 years, Arsene Wenger 10 years, Big Sam 8 years, Moyes 5 years etc.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again....... Rome was not built in a day !

Remember what Don Revie did at Leeds ? He built a fantastic team and then allowed it to grow old without feeding in young players each season. Result ? Look where Leeds are now !!

A manager/coach needs at least 3 years to introduce his own system and develop a youth policy. If at the end of that period it is not working, then fair enough, look elsewhere for a replacement.

Turkey is not the only guilty country which demands immediate success. You only have to look at Spain and Italy as classic examples !

On a happier note, I am pleased to report that Hikmet Karaman of ANKARAGUCU will be continuing to coach the Club for another season !!

If he takes the Club to greater heights than this season, then perhaps the Istanbul `Mafia` might learn something ??!!