Sunday, May 06, 2007

What a difference a day makes

Football is an amazing game. Yesterday morning there was all to play for oin the Super LIg and th EPL. At 2.15pm Eastern Time the EPL is finished for the season with Mancehster United claiming the 9th Championship in 15 years and Chavski finishing second after a draw with L'Arse. And the SuperLig is pretty much done and dusted as well. Looks like all the money spent over the last few seasons on refer....I mean players has finally paid off for the kadikoy mob short of an implosion of massive standards, whihc cold happen but is looking more and more unlikely, unfortuantely.

Of copurse Galatsaray's shprtcomings have not excatly helped this season and today's match was a snapshot of the season. Dodgy defending giving up a soft goal early in the match then meant we had to chase the game for the next 80 minutes against a side, which could be labeled as Besiktas old boys, was desperate not to lose to avoid relegation. Mind you CimBom had chances to score but did not take them, Necati in particular and why Hakan Sukur was playing I really do not know as he just confused Umit and Necati.

As for the match at Iononu stadium yesterday, Besiktas totally dominated the game but appeared to have left their shooting boots in the changing rooms and even when they got shots on target they managed to hit the goalie. As for the complaints about the TFF having some kind of plan to upset the kadikoy mob, well the extremely indulgent and lenient treatment of Kezman yesterday should put paid tp that myth. The only time he stayed upright was when he scored the goal, he spent the other 85 mins feigning injury, praying to the ref to book people and generally behaving like a petulant spoilt prick. I noticed as well Tumer having a chat with the ref as they came out at half time, I guess the converstaion was along the lines of, look in 15 mins time there is a red card for one of these balck and whites and then on 25 mins its a poenalty when Alex trips over his own laces by the corner flag okay, and the cheques in the post.......

This weekends results were a pity because it was developing into an exciting finish but now its hardly worth bothering with. The only thing I hope is that the team who have scored more goals, won more games and earned more points since Super Lig started and therefore are the most successful win in two weeks time to put the other lot in their place.


dubappa said...

biz nasıl berabere kalarak şansımızı sıfırladık gülay:(

serhat said...

Hi Gulay and friends,

I've been meaning to write here for a while, and here I am:)
I'm a GS fan and I played soccer for a long time.
Galatasaray is whole another stroy this season but I've never felt so pushed away from Turkish Soccer League in my life. It's been taken over by a bunch of dark sided power maniac billionaires. I always congraulate the winners but not this season! Whoever it is...

Gulay said...

serhat, thanks for your comment. I must admit I have also struggled with the Super Lig this season. The quality of play has generally been poor despite the individual quality of some of the players and there seems to be one fight after another between the TFF and the various club chairmen who seem to stop at nothing to score points off each other.

I have probably watched more English Premier League and Spanish Primera this season than before somehow it seems the air is fresher there, although the Tevez affair smells like a dead fish!

Oz Kanka said...

You reckon you lot have struggled this season. If only I had the luxury of describing coming third in the league as a "disappointing year"

Gulay said...

well we have not finished third yet! if we carry on as the last couple of weeks we may only finish fourth which would be cause for bootlaces to be confiscated

Eski Kanka Jim said...

If you had listened to me at the beginning of the season you CimBom supporters wouldn't be crying into your EFES beers right now.

If CimBom had set out their stall to beat ANKARAGUCU's record of most draws in a season you would at least have something realistic to aim for !!!

Good idea from Eski Kanka ???

Gulay said...

well yes but according to the table at Mackolik the draw league would read:

Ankaraspor 16
Antalyaspor 14
Kayseri/Denizli 12
CimBom 10
Ankargucu/Bursa/Erciyes/Antep/Sakarya/Kony and even FB 9

Which means that on all counts League Position and number of draws the top team in Ankara is whisper it quietly Ankaraspor..

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Gulay, my dear, you have obviously not been listening to Oz Kanka and I over the past year or so.

This is the last time I will say this, and everyone please note...

We do NOT mention the name of `that other team` on this blog.

If you really do have to mention them..... then.... please say...

Melih Gokcek Spor !!!!!

I, for one, cannot, and will not, forgive him for depriving us of our beloved Genclik Park !!!