Sunday, May 27, 2007

That was the season that was

Finally its all over and Galatasaray signed off with a whimper losing 2-0 away to Bursaspor. Pathetic.

A points haul of 56 is hardly going to keep Gerets in his job for too much longer and despite his new contract signing I have a feeling there will be a new coach for the start of next season. Fiishing in third spot at least means we have UEFA Cup football to look forward to. I just hope that the team gets to play at home rather than in the anonymity of the Olympiat stadium. Of course it could be that UEFA say Ali Sami Yen is not fit for European matches.

Of course now th silly season starts with regard to transfer rumors etc. It seems already that Mondargaon is going to Koln and Rustu is moving to CimBom. I hope Hakan and Ergun realise its time to retire. We need to find a new central defence or at least someone to cover when either Song or Tomas is out, Emre Asik is not the answer. A few other underperformers could also be on the way out, Okan, Hasan Sas, Cihan, Carrusca, Inamoto, Ilic etc. These guys have played well occasionally but not consistently enough and their body language has been wrong, at times they did not look interested. I really hope that Arda stays and that of Gerets is the coach that he has the courage to let some of the young players take centre stage.

Of course the fact that we have no money is not exactly going to help the situation in attracting good players from outside of Turkey but so what. I believe that CimBom have some good youngsters who can be developed into a good team.

Now the question is what to do with the summer. No World or Euro's just a bunch of friendlies and some qualification matches. Of course living n the US we have the arrival of the messiah.....I mean Beckham to the LA Galaxy. I guess I can entertain myself for a while with the Formula 1 season, the NBA playoffs and finals hopefully with Mehmet Okur and the Utah Jazz and the MLS. If I can get tickets I may even get down to Giants stadium to see the New York Red Bulls when LA come to town. That should keep me going to August or whenever the hell the TFF decide to start the season this year.


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Another well known saying for Gulay to ponder.........

`We should be thankful for small mercies !!

Or ..... spare a thought for my team, Hibernian, who won the Scottish League Cup and reached the semi final of the Scottish FA Cup and...... no YooRo footie for us next season !!

Boo Hoo Hoo, perhaps I'll support CimBom in YooRo next season ??!!

Alex said...

It's official Mr Gerets gitti!
While I'm sorry to see him go I think that it's the only way.
I think that he got a bad deal over the last two years, he had no money to spend and was forced to use Cimbom's left overs from the good old days, people like Hakan, Ergun, Okan, Emre & Hasan and some second rate Yabangi's.
Another coach bit's the dust, let's hope the next one has time & money!