Thursday, May 17, 2007

Looking forward to the weekend

So this weekend should be the last weekend of football here in New Jersey. On TV that is as the Husband is playing every Sunday morning at the moment. I think he is one of three non-Spanish speaking players in the team!!!!! Weatgher forecast is crap for the weekend so nits a perfect day for sitting watching TV.

Should be a good weekend though. Man Utd - Chelsea in the FA Cup and then Galatasaray later the same day against someone else. It will be good to see Chavski only win the Carling Cup after all the moment they have spent. Mourinho's shaggy dog story this week will not have helped either.

As for Galatasaray, a win on Saturday together with Besiktas not winning would put them into second on goal difference. Then its Bursa away for CimBom and Kayseri away for BJK. We could sneak into the Chimps League if we are not careful!!


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Dreaming can sometimes be dangerous !!

It certainly worked for us ANKARAGUCU supporters, so.... why not give it a try ??!!

However, looking at the situation realistically, I would be happy to make it into the UEFA Cup if I was a CimBom Fan. Who knows, you might have the honour of playing against the might of Scotland, Dunfermline Athletic (conquerers of Hibernian !!).

Eski Kanka Jim said...

As for today's big one in Ingallind, I will be watching it in The Red Lion Club with Ingallish commentary.

The Husband should note that I'll be wearing RED (not BLUE for a change !!) and looking to see a smile on the rugged gum chewing face of Sir Alexander !!!