Monday, April 24, 2006

Until the fat lady sings

Well I think I almost got the pain and agony out of my system with my last three rants/posts. However the result still niggles but what the hell, nothing can be done to change the result so Galatasaray have to let it go and look forward. Lets face it Galatasaray had a bad day at the office, the kind where the water cooler spills all over you, the copier is always out of paper, the last donut was stolen by the lard ass from marketing and the coffee you keep making is always empty by the time you go for a cup!!!!! We all have them and football teams are no different. All you can do is treat it as a one off and look forward to the next day!!!

I notice that a lot of media types are already awarding the Chamionship to the team from Istanbul who is not Besiktas. WHY? Galatasaray are level on points and are only in second place because of goal difference. So why all the gloom and doom. There are still three games left and Trabzon away is not a game I would like to pin the Championship on.

Even Eric Gerets seems to have been affected by it saying that whilst the Championship is still possible it is more difficult now. Come on Eric you should be encouraging the players, just concentrate on winning the last three games and don't worry about the team from Istanbul who is not Besiktas.

Actually I would be more worried if I was a team from Istanbul that is not Besiktas supporter. Considering how much money has been spent on players and other unspecified items to be level on points with Galatasaray who could not even pay their players at various points this season would be far more worrying to me. I mean if Galatasaray can do as well as they have despite all of their troubles what a waste of money to keep level with us! And all of your goals scored by foreigners, what a wonderful development centre for Turkish players Kadikoy is not.

Just wanted to send my sympathy to the Galatasaray supporters who ended up in hospital after being attacked before and after the match due to the crazy police decision not to escort them to the stadium. Don't the TFF and the Kadikoy lot think Turkish football has a bad enough image after the Switzerland game, do they want Turkish Club sides banned from Europe as well! (I do remember Leeds!). Why make more problems for ourselves. Gecmis Olsun to those injured and I hope you are cheered when we lift the Championship.

Its not all over....


Cagri Aydin said...

Dear Gulay,

Obviously I can and will never understand your pain, but I surely can and will express my sympathies. However, I believe, just like we should treat any event governed by the law of nature, it's much wiser to accept the inevitable when Galatasaray comes to Kadikoy. That approach may leave some room for happiness for you guys in the unlikely event.

The "normal" accusations on the referee, some remarks on our foreign players, etc. aside (all reflecting your immense football knowledge (!) ), I strongly believe that the following requires some extra attention:

"I normally don't feel this way but the only good thing from the match was that Nobhead was carried off and maybe out for the rest of the season, excellent!"

While I am happy for the first sentence, I seriously think that this, in my opinion unfortunate remark of yours on the health of a player, reflects the alarming level of hatred we currently experience in Turkish Football. If a lady, who lives in Cleveland, OH can write this, there's little sense to discuss the violence in the stadiums...



Gulay said...

I assume you are being sarcastic or attempting to be. Nobre is a cheating, diving bastard who deserves all the ridicule and hatred that comes his way. I suppose getting a goalkeeper sent off for a deliberate dive and showing absolutely no remorse is okay as far as you are concerned! Alex likewise is a diver and as for Anelka, even Maradonna was impressed with the Hand of God Part II.

When your lot close down the "Kill for you Groups", stop the violence and tone down the complete arrogance you have to the rest of Turkish football, as commented on extensively in the Turkish Media recently then maybe, just maybe the tone may calm down.

As for accusations about referees when a team loses the fans always have to blame someone and the referee is the first and easiest target.

My sex and location have nothing to do with my feelings about the team I support and I resent the implicit sexism in your comments.

Cagri Aydin said...


I am not a sexist. I meant, if a lady radiates this kind of violence from a country far away from Turkey, what can we expect from the predominantly male and more violent crowd that go to the stadiums. I believe, if anything, it should be perceieved as a compliment by a woman when someone implies that women are less violent than men... BTW, I have not claimed that all the Fenerbahce fans are angels. Violence is a problem in the whole Turkish Football regardless of the colors...

As for "diving" of Fenerbahce players, and other football related comments of yours such as referees, those are definitely your personal opinions. But honestly, your comments remind me of Ugur Mumcu who used to say that a lot of people in Turkey unfortunately have opinions without knowledge...

So long...