Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A fistful of dollars

Well, well, well what a weekend it was for Galatasaray. We now have even more in common with Manchester United than before. Not only are we the most successful team in our home league, not only do we play the best football, not only do we have the best looking supporters, but now we are also owned by Americans.

Ok in Galatasaray's case this is only 21%, now owned by George Soros, and the club has not been privatised but at least it allows the club to pay the players, and maybe keep the essential foreigners, Song, Tomas and (maybe) Ilic for next season. Ketchup can leave and please lets not hear about Pires, Zidane and all the other ludicrous suggestions now we have a bit of money. Considering the squad and the age of some of the young players like Furry Hat and Ugur who have played this season the future looks good as long as Gerets stays. Having said that I am sure the Board will not be able to resist bringing in someone, like a kid with money in a candy store, to satsify the fans but please no Brazilian divers.

For anyone, like me who was getting confused by the situation regarding qualification for Europe, check out The round ball in Ankara: Einstein would be confused where Oz Kanka attempts to calrify the situation. Of course as Galatsaray will win the Super Lig there is no real confusion, it only exists in the minds of the non-believers.

Anyway thats enough for today,

Oh for a few dollars more.......

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