Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Blues

Hello again. Well it looks like I started something with my previous post with regard to referees etc. This was of course my intent!

However it seems my previous comments regarding Oz Kanka "borrowing" from Ahmet Turgut may have been misunderstood. I just thought that the reports were very similar! Anyway as they say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit so I will try to keep such comments to a minimum in future!!!!

Now then, I am a Galatsaray fanatic and so my comments and reports have to be read taking that into account and I make no apologies for that. I am a fan which means I am biased, thats what being a fan is, just ask any Man Utd fan who the Number 1 enemy is and I can tell you its not Chelski, its those council tax abusing scousers, Liverpool. So I see everything through red and yellow glasses. Also remember that this is a blog and I can pretty much say what I like. If others out there don't agree with me then they should start a blog or post reasoned comments like some of the comments to my last post.

So back to the GS Gencler match. I have to say I agree with others that the ref did not have a good match, there were three penalties awarded which should not have been given. There I have said it. And Hakan should probably have been booked for the first one as he asked for the penalty. Mark this down as a date for posterity!!

Now for my major ommission, the Hasan Sas rugby tackle. I have to admit I did not see it, not in a Wenger way when an Arsenal player recieves a red card but physically I dod not see it as I had to step away from the computer to separate my dog Kimi from various cats. So I only know what has been said and it sounds like he was lucky not get a red.

Personally I think that the ref was just incompetent. Having said that I just watched the Blackburn Wigan match and saw another exmaple of a referee spoiling the match so its not unique to Turkey!

Nice to see my posts have made their way back to the Turkish Soccer website again.

By the way anybody interested in things La Liga should check out the following site about Spanish Football

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Oz Kanka said...

Gulay, sarcasm is the only form of humour. Keep it up.