Tuesday, April 18, 2006


All of you who follow football know that it can be a funny old game. There I was thinking that Hakan Sukur was probably past it and should have hung his boots up a couple of years ago and then suddenly since the winter break the man is on fire, well not really, but you know what I mean. Can't stop scoring goals and the second one against Rizespor at the weekend was excellent. After his performaces in Japan I had started to believe the man could not hit a barn door from five paces! NIce top be proved wrong though by the Bull of the Bosphorus.

So in recognition of his excellent retunhr to form here is a picture borrowed from the official Galatsaray web site taken from the last match against Rizespor.

Anyway long may goal Kral Hakan continue, at least until the end of the seaon when my instsincts tell me he might retire after helping Galatasary to the Championship. Of course he might not and could decide to stay on for some Chimps League footie against some real football teams.

It will be interesting to see how GS get on against the rest of Europe as the last few years have seen total underachievment by Turkish teams in Europe. Of course I exclude the UEFA Cup in 1999 and the thrashing of Man Utd by GS around the same time. But these aside the performaces of some of the teams have been somewhat lame, think Besiktas this year in the UEFA Cup. Personally I think one of the problems is that outside of the Istanbul teams and Trabzon no other teams in Turkey provide the consistent level of challenge that is needed.

Now I know that the Kanka's will get all excited and tell me that the big clubs steal the players etc. etc. and that LigTV and the media only concentrates on them, all of which is true, plus the inability of Turkish supporters to support their home town team, but look to the English Premier League. I don't mean look at Man Utd, Chelski etc. but I mean Wigan, Bolton, West Ham, Blackburn clubs that have made life very difficult for the so called big clubs this season and have done it on limited resources. Occassionally a challenge exists in Turkey, a couple of seasons ago Gencler were the surprise package and have done well again this season, as have Kayserispor, and Denizli and Antep have also threatened in the last few years but really until that consistent challenge exists I do not believe Turkish Clubs will do well in Europe.

Can someone also explain how the hell Kadikoy is open for fans this weekend after all the recent problems with those fans!!!!!!!!! This stinks, but its no surprise from the spinless fools at the TFF.


Oz Kanka said...

I think you are right in regards to needing more competition at home. I'm sure Eski Kanka would say the same about the Scottish competion.

But, as you predicted we may complain, the way money is split in Turkey is extremely unfair. Not only do the big teams get on the telly every week (no matter how unimportant the match) they also get the lions share of the revenue from the TV rights.

As for Turkey's relative crap runs in Europe, yes Galatasaray's UEFA Cup win was big (but don't forget the only reason why you were in the UEFA Cup is because you were knocked out of the Champions League -- I actually went to the match at Ali Sami Yen when Chelsea beat you up 5-0).

The next best Europe run was argueably Gencler a few years ago where we beat Blackburn, Sporting Lisbon, AS Roma and then only fell to eventual winners Valencia when they beat us with a "silver goal".

That was one great year. Fingers crossed it will be repeated next year.

Gulay said...

Much as I want GS to win and do well I tend to agree with you about the TV rights. I enjoy watching all the GS matches but surely they could show something other than the "Big 4", in a similar way to the English Premier League. Either that or do away with collective baragonaing and go the Italian route...which would probably make the situation worse, sho would buy the rights to Samsunspor for example!

It would help of course if locals supported their local teams as you have talked about before. It always amazes ny husband when he sees more GS fans at away matches than home fans and thats not travelling fans thats people who live in Ankara/Antep etc. supporting GS.

In truth GS have usualy been ok in Europe and lost to the better teams as you mention. 1999 was the exception. The other Istanbul teams have been massively dissapointing, as you say Gencler have done ok but the rest foregt it.

Well the SPL could be more competitive if Celtic and Rangers joined the Conference, about their standard I think and left the rest to play!!!

Oz Kanka said...

Gulay comes out with some moderate comments! I'm amazed! I'm not against the idea of only showing the top four on Lig TV but they should then sell off the rights for some of the so-called "lower" teams. I'd definately watch Samsun v Gencler even if it was a single camera at the stadium and stupid commentators (well, no difference to Lig TV there).

I think we have a long, long way to go.