Sunday, April 23, 2006

Legal Robbery

I have calmed down a little bit now but I cannot promise to be totally objective about the TFF sanctioned robbery that occured in Kadikoy yesterday.

First of all to all the gloating "team that cannot be named" supporters you have not won anything yet, the points are the same and I would prefer our last three matches to yours. Oh silly me, I guess its already been arranged by Aziz and his mates at the TFF, what am I thinking. I mean after all the game should have been played behind closed doors due to previous crowd trouble but of course that did not happen, no such generosity to GS a few weeks ago. Now I guess that the TFF will punish GS again for the actions of our supporters during this game.

Secondly whether the referee had been bought is immaterial, and in all truth he probably had not been, if he is basically incompetent, inconsistent and frightened by the crowd. I have never seen a player given a yellow card for taking a quick free kick before!!! Maybe the referee was thinking something like this "Ah yes Hasan, you were hacked down for the 30th time by Servet (no card) and you wanted to take a quick free kick which gives you the advantage, but if you score my win bonus is in doubt so take the kick again and have a yellow card for almost losing me my bonus!!" As for Saidou getting sent off, I think he breathed on Aurelio who fell as if Eski Kanak Jim had used his fathers Korean Pistol on him, performed a double loop, and roll just to make sure the referee noticed and gave Saidou the red which effectively killed the game at the start of the second half.

Of course in the first half when Siadou was fouled in the lead up to the first goal the referee saw nothing worng with a two footed assault from behind!! Which reminds me, why was Alex not sent off, he was booked for insulting the linesman and then later did a degree of difficulty 5.9 in the box and was not booked for simulation! It is this inconsistency that makes for the annoyance!

And then people wonder why the only Turks going to the World Cup will be journalists and kebab sellers!

As for the game, enough said. Galatsaray did not play too well although they started okay and could have had a penalty when Hakan was pushed over in the box. Mind you GS did not make life easy for themselves. Why did Gerets start with Ugur and Ferhat, I mean they are good players but young, surely Ergun and Sabri or Cihan should have been in the defence from the start. Ferhat was to blame for the third goal and both played nervoulsy when on the pitch. I also feel that Ilic should have started the game. That was a bold but ultimatley poor choice by Gerets. Still at least we have some good young Turkish players, not just diving Brazilians and ball juggling Frenchies.

I normally dont feel this way but the only good thing from the match was that Nobhead was carried off and maybe out for the rest of the season, excellent!

Anyway its not all over yet,

Until next week.


Oz Kanka said...

Oh poor Gulay, I truely understand your hurt. It must be terrible to have you heroes shown up as the absolute rubbish that they actually are.

I'm only going to comment on a few incidents in the first half, as I spent the second trying to get my little one off to sleep.

First up, that incident where you said Hakan might have been awarded a penalty. I don't think Hakan was even looking for a penalty there. He fell over, pure and simple. The point which I was expecting you to make considering you aren't Hakan's biggest fan is that Hakan was too bloody slow. In the old days I reckon he could have got to the ball first and probably have scored.

As for the Hasan Saş incident. He definately deserved a yellow. What was weird is that having been given the yellow he was allowed to take the free kick again.

As I said, I wasn't able to watch the 2nd half and so I can't commentate on that, but you have to admit Gulay, from all I've seen and read today that Fener were the better team by far.

Your last three posts/rants have been great Gulay. The pain you are going through is so clear.

Ahhh. If only you supported an Ankara team, then you would know what it is like to go through this week-in week-out.

Alex said...

As a Gala fan in London, I have to admit as much as I hate them Fener were the better team on the night.

Gala were slower and seem to be less up for it. Your right why play Ferhat and Ugur instead of a Cihan and Ergun. Song didn’t look fully fit. A double decker London bus could have gone under Mondragon on Saturday night. So all and all not a good night for the defence.

I do agree that the ref was totally out of this depth, the red card was an amateur mistake at best, but what does that say about Turkish soccer, here we are in the league premier game and we have this Muppet in charge. Why?

But the guy from Ankara also has a point; most of these poor teams go though this week after week. The Turkish FA must do something otherwise the game in Turkey will never progress. But do you think that Aziz Yildrim gives a shit, all he seems to care about is making Fener the best in Turkey at all costs.