Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

Well here we are again, at the end of another weekend of fantastic football, ugly cheating and dubious referee decisions!

Friday I missed the GS match as I was flying. Sometimes the time difference between the USA and Turkey can make it a bit difficult to watch the Friday games. Thankfully GS have not had too many of them. Anyway despite the fact that the away match in Diyarbakir was played in Izmir, GS had a relatively comfortable win by 3-1 despite going 1-0 down very early.

Finally GS are getting some consistency despite all the off field problems. I am getting very worried for next season though. With Song on strike about non-payment of wages and Ilic and Tomas having done the same earlier in the season the situation is not good. I rally hope that the Board can get things sorted otherwise I think that the foreign players will leave which will make the European matches hard as we will be missing their experience. Unfortunately I cannot see things improving soon as Cunaydin was re-elected.

Anyway the team who cannot be named had a comfortable win against Sivas by 3-0 although I have to say that the penalty decision seemed extremely harsh,

I have also watched the Chelski West Ham game and the Man Utd Arsenal game. The race for the Premiership is at least interesting if not that close. Chelski had a good win but Robben is a cheat, plain and simple. The dive for that won the free kick from which they scored their 3rd goal was ridiculous and so blatant. He does that all the time and I go back to my previous post, if FIFA and UEFA are serious about eliminating cheating then there has to be retrospective action for this kind of blatant cheating that the likes of Robben and the rest of the Chelski team go in for.

The Man Utd Arsenal match was one of the best games I have seen all season, fast, open and virtually cheat free until the Gay Swede Ljunbjerg tripped himself up and got Silvestre booked. It is a shame that both these teams were inconsistent earlier in the season or Chelski would have had more competition. At the moment Man Utd are playing the best football in the EPL in my opinion.

As for the Super Lig I think the GS match in Kadikoy will probably be the decider, but its still close.


sporty muslimah said...

Was an awesome game to say the least, United all the way!

Cool blog :)

Oz Kanka said...

Gulay, Galatasaray have in the past week sold off a whole heap of shares to various Europe-based banks and organisations and are using the money to pay off their debt. I'd look into it more closely myself but I can't be bothered. Perhaps you might like to.