Friday, April 28, 2006

It was a dark and stormy night....

If you have followed my ramblings over the last few months you may just be wondering, why? Why did Gulay decide to start offering her thoughts for the benefit of the world at large. Does she think she has something to say that is of some value?

You know I never really thought about before but here goes. Originally I was thinking of starting up a home based internet business and one of the ways suggested to maximize exposure was to set up a blog. Then you would offer insightful gems into maximizing profit etc. So that's what I did and registered my blog. Anyway that whole episode was soon consigned to the garbage can but I had started to get into the blog thing.

I Googled Galatasaray and Blog a few times and found a considerable absence of blogs about the team that is so very important to me. Surely I thought there must be some blogs out there, where you can say what you feel and be provocative, without some officious Moderator blocking your posts. Well not really. There are a lot of forums where fans can shout at each other but you have to register, login and then read through considerable volumes of decideley odd comments to see what is going on.

After that it was obvious what I should do. I changed the focus of my blog to home in on Galatasaray and the disturbing and disruptive effect that being a fanatical fan can have on your life. Especially when you live 10000 miles from where the team plays! Once that decision was made it has been no trouble at all to keep it going with help from my Husband, a fanatic Man Utd supporter and Englishman to boot.

Since then I enjoy the challenge of writing match reports as the game proceeds and waiting for comments back from Fenerbahce supporters, Besiktas supporters (if there are any), and various and assorted Kankas. So there you go, I will keep this going as long as I can and remain focused on the Worlds greatest game, football and Turkey's greatest team, Galatasaray.

Until tomorrow when Ahmet Turgut should be eating his recent words regarding Ankaraspor and when Galatsarary regain the lead of the SuperLig and keep it as Trabzon insert chestnuts in the Canaries.


Oz Kanka said...

Argh. Halftime in the league matches and Gulay must be over the moon. Galatasaray up 2-0 and Trabzon beating Fener. Makes me want to throw up.

Nice piece Gulay, I'll leave my comments on it in a a few hours for at the moment I'm trying to figure out what the score is in Samsun.

Oz Kanka said...

Fener have scored. 1-1, come on Fener! Gencler are 0-0 in Samsun, we need Trabzon to lose and obviously a win for Gencler to get us back into the UEFA Cup spot. As for the fate of Galatasaray, I don't give a damn.

Oz Kanka said...

Yeessssss! Fener have scored again. Pow. Take that Gulay

Oz Kanka said...

Oh damn. Fener won, but Gencler failed to capitalise losing 2-0 last I saw with about a minute on the clock. Sorry for spamming here tonight Gulay. I just needed to get my feelings out.