Saturday, April 28, 2007

Who the F**** do they think they are

I was going to follow up my earlier post with a standard piece about the routine 3-0 victory for CimBom over Sakarya today. Two more goals from Umit, good season for him and one for Mehmet Guven. I really hate watching games when there is no crowd, but what can you do.

However I was absolutely appalled by what happened after the Besiktas Mafia match on Thursday and full marks to Ahmet for raising this issue because the Kadikoy mob have excelled themselves this time with proof that they really are the scrapings of a very foul barrel.

I am refering to the attack on Ricardinho first by a fan and then by Aurelio in the car park after the game. First of all how can a fan get that close to the players and secondly what was Aurelio doing???? And why was the fan seen walking with Aziz Yildirim later on, did he hire him. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered but one thing that must be clear is that some form opf punishment has to be delivered to Kadikoy, and I am not talking about fines and playing behind closed door I am talking about points. Will this club stop at nothing. I mean they spend all that money every year and still they struggle and have to resort to cheating and bad attitude.

But I expect TFF to do nothing and let the Kadikoy scum get away with this kind of lowlife behaviour.

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