Sunday, April 01, 2007

April fools

A classic match in Ankara today, free flowing foorball, no controversy, silky skills and no cards.......oh sorry that was the Spurs Reading match!!!!

All I can say is that CimBom certainly deserved to win today against a very limited Ankargucu team whose main aim was to kick the Galatasary players off the pitch. They almost succedded!! I cant remember who it was that made it his peronal mission to do this but he was correctl sent off in the second half. The strange thing was thta it was for a second yellow. However the double footed dive onto Inamoto's shin was worth a straight red but it seemed the referee was not too bothered about the tackle, just his reaction afterwards.....amazing.

If any of the Kanaks were there I guess they will be needing to buy new lighters or cep's, or they can ask Hasan for them!!!

Absolutley not a classic game, Necati's first goal being the highlight, a superb strike from a great cross from Hasan. The only Ankara player I can remember was Bebbe, an unfortunate name as the whole team may be crying like one soon.....

With the Kadikoy mob beating Ankaraspor and Galatasaray winning it has been a weekend for the first city to put the second city firmly in its place. Just hope Besiktas fail to round it off tomorrow. What is that all about anyway, matches on a Monday!!!!!

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

It is quite clearly obvious that Gulay was watching the Spurs v Reading match..... or.... if not, that she is in need of an urgent visit to an optician !!!

For a completely unbiased and accurate report of the match please go to The Round Ball in Ankara !!!