Sunday, April 29, 2007

Titles and tantrums

I was having a look at the history of the SuperLig today and the statistics are as follows.

Founded in 1959 the league has been won by the following teams.

Galatasaray 16
F******** 16
Besiktas 10 (or 12 depending if you count 57 and 58).
Trabzon 6

Taking a look at the last 10 years shows that Galatasaray has won the Lig 6 times, F***3 and Besiktas once.

Given the amount of money and number of players that the Kadikoy mob have gone through that represents a serious under return on investment in my opinion.

Given that CimBom also picked up the UEFA cup and Super Cup in 2000 and topped the world club rankings in 2001 it is clear which is the best and most successful club side in Turkey and its not on the Asian side.

Whilst Galatsaray are unlikely to win this year, I have a feeling that Besiktas will as I think the other lot are beginning to crumble just like last season, no character you see just a bunch of mercenaries. Lets face when you are 2-0 up at home to Denizlispor you really should not end up with a draw if you want to be champions. Next up is Besiktas away and if BJK win then they go top and if the slide continues CimBom could slip into second, wouldn't that be sweet.

We now wait to see just what punishment TFF decide is appropriate for the scenes we saw after the Besiktas match. I'm guessing none as Aziz seems to think he is bigger than TFF.


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Anxiety is a word which with ANKARAGUCU supporters live with from one season to the next, and now Fener supporters can understand that feeling deep down in the lower reaches of the body as the end nears !!!

After ANKARAGUCU dispose of Sakarya on Saturday to send them back down where they belong, it will be all eyes on Besiktas taking over the lead at the top.

I'm with you on that.

However, CimBom moving into 2nd will probably have to wait until ANKARAGUCU go to Kadikoy and put the nail into their coffin !!!

Gulay said...

in that case the efes is on me!!