Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The sublime and the ridiculous

Anyone who watched the Man Utd Milan match was treated to a superb display of what football should be about. Speed, excitement, dodgy defending, goals and edge of the seat nerve shredding moments. What a game and what a contracts to the usual fare served up in Turkey. Mind you watching Aston Villa against Watford is not quite as exciting either!!.

Man Utd seemed to revert to their treble winning style that is you score 3 we will score 4 which makes for excitement but does not do much for the blood pressure. In a way it was like watching a basketball match! It also seems that the long held myth that Italian clubs can defend has been vaporised with 11 goals scored in two matches against Italian teams.

The less said about the scousers and chelski the better. A nasty spiteful game crowned by misery guts moaning about the ref, the fact hi players got their hair wet etc. etc. what a miserable sod Mourinho is and the sooner Chelski sack him the better. His recent complaints about injuries and possible suspension are absolutely pathetic. He was missing Bollock injured and Essien (Drunk) suspended. Compare that to Utd who were missing Vidic, Ferdinand, Neville, Saha, Park.

As for the ridiculous I am referring to Galatsaray's loss in the CAS about Ribery. If what is said is true why did they think they had a chance to win, really what an embarrassment.

Somt5imes I wonder about the management at Galatasaray. All the money that has been spent, where did it go, why play at the Olympic stadium, sacking Lucescu, appointing Terim etc. etc. Oh well I guess its the way it is and there is not a lot I can do about it......

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Oz Kanka said...

Galatasaray deserved to lose the Ribery case. Clubs in Turkey do this all the time. Finally someone stepped up and said stuff you. The Turkish players can't do it because they will get blackballed. Well done Ribery.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Well said.

As for playing their matches in the Olympic Stadium, I think Gulay has said it all before in previous posts.

However, I will just say that I can never understand why a Club of Galatasaray's standing could even contemplate such an action.

For example, when Hibs played Real Madrid, Sporting Lisbon and Roma (a few years ago) the thought of playing the match at Hampden Park for extra dosh was never even likely to be on the table.

We have to hope that Galatasaray `management` have learned their lesson ??!!