Friday, April 13, 2007

Canned Tuna

These days when I buy Tuna I buy the dolphin friendly, in water, tree huggers special. I use this to make a very refined dish known as HUMBLE PIE for the folks in Ankara who can only Promise such a fishy delight but never deliver the real Tuna......

As I accurately predicted yesterday Galatasaray trawled to a routine win over extremely limited opposition whose main threat seemed to be....nothing. In the interests of fairness and my previous post I will however state that Cem Deda's mum had obvioulsy let him stay up late, or had worked out how to programme the VHS in the house as he had obvioulsy taken on board the fine referee skills shown in the Tottenham and Milan games with regard to penalties. As for the rest of his performance it was fair........ fairly bad that is.

The match had an end of term feel about it with players hugging, shaking hands and none of the usual stupidness except the one occasion when Umit Karan was given help to replace his socks....Mehmet Nes and Cem Deda seen with their arms around each other....what were they doing I wonder, swapping cep numbers or comparing hair care products?

I guess Genc have absolutely nothing to play for now and for Galatasaray this probably guarantees UEFA football next season unless they suffer a complete meltdown over the next couple of weeks. Mind you on recent performaces that is nothing to get too excited about!!!

And now I await the comments!!!!!!


Oz Kanka said...

Wow. So first up you accept the penalty was a travesty. You bet it was. As Sir Eski Kanka at the match said "This is the worst refereeing performance I've seen in a damn long time", or something like that.

Having said that though, Galatasaray were the better team. I thought we were pathetic, as usual.

One thing I forgot to mention in my report of the match is that I didn't even realise that Hakan Sukur was playing until he was quite close to where I was sitting. This, mind you, was at the 86th minute mark. ie get rif of the dinosaur.

Well done Galatasaray and congrats to you too Gulay. I'm just hoping I can come back here next year and pay the bloody shit out of you.

A depressed Oz Kanka in Ankara

Gulay said...

I think Hakan only came on in the 85th minute so its no wonder you did not see him until the 86th....not that I disagree with your comment and actually I think he has said himself this will be his last season.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

I hate Tuna, so I will accept your offer of humble pie.

In actual fact, I've been eating it for the last 18 years, ie, since the first time I started to support ANKARAGUCU !!

On the subject of the Gencler performance, I can't remember seeing them play so lethargic or without passion before.

Perhaps they were saving their energy for the local derby next week, or.......... perhaps CavCav, who has red and yellow blood coarsing through his veins, told them to go easy on CimBom ??!!