Friday, November 03, 2006

From worse to worser

Not sure if thats correct English but it adequately describes the state of Turkish teams in Europe at the moment with Besiktas following their usual dismal showing by losing to Dinamo Bucharest. It seems like The Eagles are simply useless in Europe as they never seem to win games at all, last year failing to beat even workmanlike teams like Bolton! As for the GS PSV match seems like most commentators agree that we were unlucky and that the sending off changed the game, typical!

PSV are usually one of the contenders for the Dutch League but I remember a few years ago they came to Istanbul in the Chimps League and we played them off the pitch at Ali Sami Yen. Maybe the idiots who decided we should play at the Olympic Stadium should think about that and learn from it.

As for the state of Turkish soccer this is seomthing that concerns me as you all know and I have posted on this before so I will save my fingers. But if this carries on the only chance the Ankara boys of seeing Euro football next season is by watching it on TV. Any more poor results and we may end up having to start in the first qualifying round in July with only one team. Suddenly the Intertoto Cup looks appealing.

Anyway this weekend Galatasaray will enjoy a fresh cuppa at Rizespor whilst the mid table teams play for bragging rights in the Chopin!!

Elsewhere Gaziantep carry the hopes of the other teams, even they are entering the Bermuda Triangle of referees and lets hope Vestel cne get back on track against Bursaspor


Oz Kanka said...

Looking at the replays you can definately say Galatasaray deserved a penalty early on but at the same time the red card for Tomas was the right decision

Gulay said...

depends on the color of your glasses!!!!!

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Eski Kanka says........

The decision of the Referee is ALWAYS the correct decision !!

Refer to The Laws of the Game for the reason !!!!!

Gulay said...

however it does not mean it is the right decision, even if it is the final decision.

Oz Kanka said...

I'm with Gulay on this, some referees are absolute crap. Eski Kanka, please come out of retirement.

metin said...

why do we need referees in sports anyway? why not allow an 'instant' online poll (right after the instant replay as it is here in the US.)

just let the athletes play the game. everything else can be handled 'electronically' including 'red lights' that would light up if the ball crosses over the white line.

Or a shock zapper if a player touches the ball with his hands.

Or even yet, if a player is taken down in the penalty area, the team with the player down gets to add an additional player (instead of red carding the offending player.)

Eski Kanka Jim said...

After Metin's comments, I'm now coming out of retirement.

I'm planning to referee the ANKARAGUCU v Gencler match on Wednesday. Don't worry Gencler fans.... referees are honisssst and are never biased....... trusssssssst me !!!!