Sunday, November 26, 2006

Gokdeniz bets again????

So after all the bluff and bluster Trabzon produced a lacklustre performance against the Kadikoy mob, contracts that to their performance against Galatasaray. Wonder how much Gokdeniz had on this match??????

So that leaves them 6 points ahead with the derby match next week. Lets just hope that Galatasaray get their act in gear and at least get a point. The only positive is that Volkan is a terrible goalkeeper so lets see if we can exploit that....small crumbs of comfort.

Meanwhile over in England the Man Utd-Chavski match ended 1-1. Having watched the game Chavski would be the more grateful as they were the beneficiary of the one or two poor decisions made by Howard Webb who otherwise had an excellent game. I refer to the elbow from Ballack, who looks increasingly like a waste of money, on Ronaldo and then the quite clearly deliberate elbow by Drogba on Vidic which was a truly Sheareresque nastiness, I mean he checked where he was and made sure it connected. So besides those two missed red cards and tow bad misses by Utd as well as a clear push on Ferdinand and the usual histrionics from Chavski they were probably glad to get a point.


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yes, agreed Gulay, Trabzon are crap and heading into the relegation zone. No tears from me !

It's time now to return our prodigal son, Umut Bulut, whose career will go down the drain if he stays there any longer !

As I mentioned on The Round Ball in Ankara today, ANKARAGUCU now boast the best defensive record in the league. However, we want our striker back !!!

Good fortune and success next Sunday against the Kadikoys !

Murat Altinbasak said...

May the best team win on Sunday. Can't wait to read your reporting Gulay. Don't get your hopes too high though. The higher they get, the harder they fall... :)

Gulay said...

dont worry mine are incredibly low with the recent record of results between the two teams....