Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Turkeys!!!!

What an embarrassing performance last night from Galatasaray against Bordeaux. It was only after Arda had got himself stupidly sent off that the team even looked like playing but by then it was too late.

I really think Tomas is not going to be at the club much longer if he keeps on playing like he did last night. Song was better but not by much and in general it was a very poor and embarrassing performance.

Given the lower quality of the Turkish league it was always going to be a struggle to qualify but it has not been helped by not playing home games at Ali Sami Yen and thereby giving up probably 3 points straight away. I don't care if the stadium is small the atmosphere intimidates the opposition and gives the team a lift, well normally it would but with this squad I am not so sure!!!

So looks like we will not even have the pleasure of UEFA Cup football unless we can stick about 5 past Liverpool and Bordeaux lose. Not much chance of that though.

I guess we can concentrate on the League from now on and make sure we win the Championship or at the least finish second.

Until the weekend and Happy Thanksgiving


Eski Kanka Jim said...

Disappointing is the word I would use.

I didn't see the match - I was drinking, singing, dancing, drinking, and drinking at my school's 15 Anniversary dinner and drinkies !!

However, even allowing for the strength of the opposition I would have expected CimBim to be at least challenging for 2nd spot in the table going into the last group match.

I'll whisper this..... at least the Kadikoys keep the Turkish flag flying for the time being !!!

Gulay said...

What you say is unfortunate but true. FB have to do well to help other Turkish teams next season.....damn