Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Talk about biased

Well its no wonder Galatasaray lost tonight. With a red card to Tomas after 38 minutes and 3 yellow cards to other GS players and guess what not a single caution to a cheese head. Maybe its a crime to be Turkish in Holland now, it certainly seems that way after a one sided and completely biased performance from the officials.

All we can do now is try and beat Liverpool and Bordeaux and make sure we qualify for the UEFA cup and try and win that again. Otherwise with the woeful performances of the other Turkish teams in Europe taken for granted, I mean when has any other team achieved anything, there will be fewer and fewer places for Turkish teams in the European competitions.

Over on Turkish Soccer, Ahmet has been saying something similar that the lack of success and the reliance on second rate imports is beginning to affect the teams performances in Europe and that of the National Team, where is Hakan's replacement?????

Think about that anyone who is gloating about this result.


Oz Kanka said...

Nathan and Eski Kanka may be feeling slightly sad having seen the result of tonight's match.

I didn't watch it of course preferring to watch Doctor Who on DVD. But I did chuckle when the final result came in as a text message on the mobile.

I should have guessed the result though, as all was quiet in my part of Ankara where most the locals support Istanbul teams. Traitors

Eski Kanka Jim said...

I'm with Gulay on this one.

We ANKARAGUCU supporters are still harbouring thoughts of the UEFA Cup next season, but we need the teams THIS season to do the biz and gain points for Turkey.

So, yes, a disappointing result, but to be fair, PSV are a class act.

Back to the drawing boards I'm afraid !!

By the way, I didn't have a chance to watch the match either. My dart team were playing a league match (WE won !!!).

metin said...

As a die-hard GS fan, I am quite unhappy about the team's big picture and its future. I wonder why we can't generate 'local' soccer powers who are on par with superstars of the world, as often as say Brazil, or England, and ohers, of course with a few exceptions.

Is it the infrastructure, or the 'natural' abilities of the Turkish system that is bad?

Looks like all of the Turkish teams are guilty of the same outlook. I mean, they keep eating each other, and winning championships, but are they really that good?

Oz Kanka said...

Metin has obviously just learnt how to use cut and paste :)

Take a look here

metin said...

oz kanka,

i promise i customized this message just for you!!


when the discussion is about GS or 'Turkish' football, my point is the same.

i lied: (let me cut & paste again.)

"Is it the infrastructure, or the 'natural' abilities of the Turkish system that is bad?"

I am sure the above quote will get me charged with Article 301 relative to insulting 'Turkish-ness.?'

anyone care to comment?

Oz Kanka said...

I've already sent your details to Ataturk airport. Expect to be arrested on arrival. I'm prepared to be a witness for the prosecution.

Oz Kanka said...

But on the defiencies of the Turkish system I think it is all about school. How many kids in Turkey have ever played on real grass on a proper size football field. Bugger all.

Turks are extemely passionate about the game but so few people get the chance to play.

Look at the number of German Turks coming through nowadays. They grew up in a system where they were playing proper (ie not on small pitch) football from when they were kiddies.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yeah, Oz Kanka .... here here to that !!

I once offered my experience as a player, Class 1 referee and amateur coach to the PE teacher at a Turkish school where I was working. I assumed the school was in a footie league and was prepared to give up weekend time to help him.

He looked at me with a blank look and said.... `what league Jim` ?

Sad really. Boys should be taught at an early age how to play on a full size pitch and how to be competitive.

There is no substitute for league footie on a full size pitch... full stop....period !!

metin said...

Maybe with all the money Turkey will save when it no longer has Article 301, they might be able to build infrastructure for kids and youth leagues in all sports.

But like here in the US, parents and private businesses sponsor such programs. Turks have to learn to stop waiting for the government to keep buying the toilet paper each time Turks use the bathroom so to speak.

By the way, Oz Kanka, I'll change my arrival destination to your city Ankara, or force an emergency landing right onto Ali Sami Yen.