Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What are they thinking

So the Turkish National team managed a draw against the World Champions, Italy for those of you with a short memory, 1-1 in Bergamo. Does this make Turkey the joint best team in the world??????

I guess not.

I did not manage to see the game as I could not find it on the Internet so all I know is the reports. Anyway it was good to see Emre starting his first game after the Blatter ban.

Not so good was the fact that Fatih Terim cannot find an alternative to Hakan or at least cannot bear to start someone else. What is his problem. I know Hakan scored four goals in the last real match but even so I wish he would stop and save what is left of his form for the true cause!!!

Nice to see Kadikoy players helping the cause of Turkish football again by gifting a goal to the Eyetalians, if Volkan is the second best keeper then I say carry on Rustu as long as possible....did I really say that.

I was also so happy that it was Masseratti who scored the own goal, I mean it could not happen to a nicer player really, is he aware that 70's style facial hair is out in the rest of the world!!!!

Looking forward to the weekend when Galatasaray look to continue their winning run to stay ahead of the chasing pack, or at least Ankaragucu (amazing), with a three point certainty against Antalyaspor if we can get through the hordes of Russian hook..........holidaymakers!

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