Sunday, November 05, 2006

Read the tea leves

Another disaster for Galatasaray today with losing to Rizespor. Its not just that they lost but the way they lost that upsets me. More poor defending and an inability to really step up the pace when it was needed. The players seemed to have no heart unlike last season when they fought for every point and in every game as if it were the last match they would ever play and of course eventually they were rewarded with the Championship.

I dont think that is going to happen this year though!

Players like Song and Tomas are not performing as well as last season and there is not much goal threat this year. Our main summer signings were Inamoto and an Argentinian who hardly gets to play! I know there is not much money at the club but were these the only players we could find to take the club forward. There are plenty of good young Turkish players coming from the youth team so maybe the club has to accept that this year is a rebuilding year and give those players their chance to show what they are made of.

Its ironic that in the weekend that Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates 20 years in charge at Man Utd that it seems inevitable that Gerets will be on his way in the near future due to the short sighted instant success culture that is Turkish football. He has done a lot to give young players a chance and whilst some of his decisions during games may be questioned he led a group of players to an unlikley triumph last year. However football is a results business so I expect that the board will sack him sooner rather than later even though the board handicapped him with their decision to play the Chimps League games away from Ali Sami Yen. I also imagine that there may be wholesale changes during the January transfer window, certainly a new defence is needed and a striker who regularly scores!

Looks like th wheels have fallen off the Vestel wagon in spectacular fashion after their 4-0 loss to Bursaspor this weekend. A pity as I would like to see any team other than the Kadikoy mob at the top of the Super Lig. So it looks like Aziz will get his championship this year as I really don't see any team with the quality to mount a sustained challenge out there. Just like in England with Chavski it seems like a team can buy its way to the top spot.

I notice that the eski will be tormenting the oz up in the snowy second city afer todays game!!!

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

Heh Heh Heh ..... how right you are Gulay. We gave Oz Kanka a good roasting last night after the match heh heh heh !!!

Yeah, Manisa seem to have gone into `tilt` mode. However, don't worry about the Kadikoy mob having it all their own way. There is one other team who are going to push them all the way.....

ANKARAGUCU yessssssssssssss !!!