Friday, September 01, 2006

Turning Japanese

So our one big? signing was Junichi Inamoto, otherwise known as hello moto. I tell you it gives me the Vapors and feel like turning Japanese.

What do we know about him. For the National Team good for Aresnal, Fulham and West Brom not so good. I would have thought he would be a resue project for Big Sam at Bolton rather than joining the biggest Turkish Club. Obviously we cannot count the Kadikoy mob as Turkish anymore as Portugese is more frequently spoken than anything else over there.....even though they are not and never will be a bigger club than Galatsaray, class is permanent form is temporary......

I recall Inamoto as being a reasonable player before he went to England, maybe the less difficult environment of the Super Lig may suit him, providing he does not die of heat stroke, Birmingham to Istanbul in September can be a climate shock!

In related news Anakaraspor have snapped up Volkan who was the original hot and cold player, although usualy tepid. Ugur has gone out on loan at Kayseri and Ashley Cole has finally joined Chelsea. Who cares!!!!

No games, just a practice match this weekend and no National Team game until Wednesday when the Imperator tries to salvage his reputation against Malta. I just hope he remembers its a soccer match and not a Malteser eating contest we are going to.

Bye for now.......

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

Nice one Gulay. Lots of puns !! My fav one was `Maltesers` ho ho ho ha ha ha titter titter titter !!!

However, you missed the BIG ONE. Augustine might be coming back to ANKARAGUCU for the 3rd time !!!