Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Another day, another match and another draw for Galatasaray.

0-0 with Bordeaux at home is not excatly what I would call a satisfactory result. The performance was poor, the atmosphere was not intimidating, the defence was dodgy, the attack was non-existent and the midifeld invisible. About the only good thing was that we did not lose!

One thing I could not understand was that Hakan Sukur was not playing but the team inistied on playing high crosses into Umit who was 6 inches shorter than the two centre backs for Bordeaux....what was that all about???????

Any why were we not playing in the red and yellow, what was that girly white kit for. Do the GS management not understand psychology. First they give up the advantage of Ali Sami Yen and then they give up the honour of the red and yellow..morons that's all I can say.

Oh well at least Liverpool and PSV also drew 0-0 so everyone has one point. Roll on the next game and lets hope the team can win.

Till the weekend......

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yes, I agree with everything you said Gulay, but........ you have surely missed the whole point.

Yeah......POINT !!

Now will you believe me that they are going for a record of draws in a season ???!!!