Saturday, September 23, 2006

Black Sea Pain

Sometimes things do not go right and sometimes you get idiots who affect things. Today's game falls into the second category thanks to Gokdeniz and Selcuk Derili.

First why is Gokdeniz allowed to play, he is corrupt and should have been banned for a lot longer, plus he is a cheat of a player. I think he must have had a bet with Derili about the result as Galatsaray got absolutely nothing from that joke of a referee.

The first goal was offside, Stepanovs the Tranbzon defender almost ripped Hakan's shirt off his back whilst fouling him in the penalty area every time there was a cross and what happened, Hakan got a yellow card for complaining. Bastards the lot of them.

Of course the result could have been closer if Umit could avoid passing to the goalkeeper from 3 metres out!!!

I cannot also believe the series of matches Galatasaray have as the Chimps league starts. Chimps league opener followed by Besiktas then Trabzon then Chimps league again. I guess Aziz and the TFF had a good laugh when they were fixing the fixtures so that the mafia team play Konyaspor away on Friday, 5 days before their UEFA Cup match. Corruption, incompetence and favoritsm its all on display in the SuperLig.

I may post again when I am less angry..........


Eski Kanka Jim said...

What can I say....... except, that we have had Black Sea Storms here in Turkey's FIRST city, Ankara, too for the past two days. At least CimBom's only lasted for 90 minutes !!!

As I said before in a previous blog on the Round Ball in Ankara, Selcuk Dereli is a personal friend of mine and I can assure you that he is an extremely honest man.

Let's put it down to a `bad weekend` all round.......see my blog on the Round Ball in Ankara under the heading `The Sun Always Shines in Antalya` !!!

Anonymous said...

gokdeniz destroyed my beloved galatasaray. ziya dogan is a tactical genius whom i had chance to know him personally. i think galatasaray played horribly. i dont think the referree affected the outcome of the match dramatically. galatasaray was just too bad. i think the boys were thinking about anfield. i am really expecting at least a point on wednesday. i hope umit karan reaches his old form, and carrusca will shine playing instead of boring hasan sas.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Optimism is a positive virtue.

However, I think playing at Anfield against the Mighty Reds comes under the term..... REALISM !!!

All eyes glued to the screen on Wednesday night.

Gulay said...

Actually I agree with both points of view. I dont think Selcuk Dereli was dishonest just poor, I mean did you see the state of Hakan's shirt at the end of the game!!! I also agree they probably had one eye on Anfiled and the need to get three easy points.

The performance was poor though.

However you also have to think about next season and given FB's woeful performances in Europe even less teams from Turkey may be permitted to qualify for the Chimps league so winning the SuperLig is also important not least for the debt!!!!

Eski Kanka Jim said...

A positive note for tonight....

If a team with Copenhagen's credentials can come to Celtic Park and play in front of 60,000 fanatics in the Stadium and only lose 1-0 then anything is possible !!

Let's be optimistic for a change and not realistic !!!