Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good guys go early....unfortunately

Usually I don't talk about politics or other stuff like that but a couple of things have happened recently which I just have to make a comment on.

Why is it that people who try to do good in the world seem to die early whilst people who spread messages of death and destruction disguised behind religion or politics or similar crap.

Whilst Osama Bin Laden, the Pope, and other sick and twisted morons who only care about power and control and brainwashing peoples minds appear to live forever a guy like Steve Irwin a.k.a the Crocodile Hunter dies whilst filming a stingray for a documentary!!! Irrespective of what you thought about his style or his actions he was a force for education, conservation and protection of the natural environment of the planet we call our home. What a sad day it is.

The other thing that attracted my attention was PM Erdogan's promise to recall the Turkish Troops from Lebanon if they have to disarm Hezbollah and the fact that some of my fellow citizens of a secular state protested about sending troops to work against "fellow Muslims". Why is it that other countries can send troops to oetyr countries to work irrespective of religion. I think some people in Turkey are forgetting that religion is a personal issue and that Turkey is not a Muslim state. I wonder whether the Police and the Prosecutors will be going after those protesters or even the PM himself for putting religion above state. Probably not as the only people they go after are writers who criticize Turkishness. Well in my opinion any Turk who is basing their protests on religion is also insulting Turkishness as is the PM.

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