Sunday, August 27, 2006

Missed chance

Contrary to suggestions in some comments, I missed Saturday's game for a somewhat more mundane reason, traffic!!!!!

The Husband and I had been shopping at IKEA (dont laugh too hard) and on the way back on I-78 past Newark the road splits into tow sections, local lanes and express lanes. At the moment the express lanes are being replaced and this leaves only the local lanes for all the well trained and skilled New Jersey morons I mean drivers to use. This is a challenge to your average NJ driver. Now I dont wish to generalize but your average NJ driver is at least 50lbs overweight, drives a large SUV which of course can be driven whilst drinking coffee, chatting on the cell, changing the DVD for the kids and fixing the make up round your piggy fat eyes!!! All this at 80-mph and 3 ft from the car in front.

I guess you get the picture. Of course it rained heavily for the frirst time yesterday turning the road surface into a slippery mixture of rubber, diesel and dust with all the grip of ice. And of course there was an accident which with the tow trucks, cops etc. caused the road to be blocked for just long enough for me to get home after the match finished!

Not that I missed much by the looks of it. At least we have not lost yet but the team will have to get organised and stop giving up goals the way they are. The only good bit of news was that the Kadikoy Mob lost to Sakaryaspor so the gap is only 3 points after 4 matches.

I watched the Chelski game today. Is it me or is Muchael Essien immune from punishment???? and as for the penalty that was ironic given that John Terry was a victim of the Terry method of defending, called the otopus!!!

Now we have a break for EURO qualification, how contempt displayed by UEFA for the average fan, nothing new there then....

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