Friday, September 15, 2006

Looking to the weekend

Its Friday, 8am and its raining here in New Jersey. I have taken the dogs for a walk, fed the cats made a coffee, read the headlines especially the recent hysterical outpouring of bile from Muslim readers about a quote the Pope used. I wish all religions would disappear from the face of the earth I have to say. Given that the Muslims are complaining about being described as evil you would think they would protest about the violenece and carnage in Iraq by Muslim on Muslim but these people are strangely quiet......and once again the whole issue of free speach and censorship raises its ugly head. I do not want to be told what I can and can't say by a bunch of people who are happy to reject the West but make use of its technological advances or by a bunch of overdressed idiots in Italy who seem to think chastity is the best form of defence against AIDS and overpopulation.

If it carries on like this all the Kadikoy mob supporters will start complaining when I criticise their so called (Brazil reserve) team and ask me to apologize.......never!!!!!

Anyway not much to report on the footie front, just the small matter of a derby match against Besiktas to look forward to on Sunday. Look forward may be an over statement as the team has not played all that well this season yet.

But still Besiktas at home should be a relatively easy 3 points in the bag.

Having said that the injury toll continues to mount with Necati and Ergun out as well as Orhan Ak and Tolga so the squad could be stretched a bit thin. Quick buy a Brazilian!!!!!!!!

I thought the Man Utd Celtic game was probably the pick of the weeks Chimps League games even though it was not the most high scoring and I was very happy to see Lyon beat the so called galactico egos from Espana.

Well I think thats enough for now......

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