Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Home advantage

Excellent result today, even though I could not see much due to the very poor nature of Show TV's webcast. Of course this being Galatasaray they could not do things easily and allowed the Czech team back in to the game with two goals in 2 minutes. Stress andn anxiety resulted, I have to say. That is unforgivable when you are leading 4-0. Maybe they stopped concentrating or something and hopefully things should improve as the team plays more games. I was very glad though that Sabri got the 5th goal as this means we weould have to lose 3-0 in the return match and from what I saw today that does not look possible. But then again this is football and crazier things have happened although it could be said that the Czech's bounced.....

Whilst I am for the most part happy that the Kadikiy mob lost and another player got sent off, Aziz might have to buy some more Brazilians at this rate, if they fail to reach the next stage thenb Turkish football will get fewer points iun the UEFA league table and this can only hurt the opverall effort in the future. Still I hope they get knocked out though as a fanatic, bigoted and partisan CimBom supporter.

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