Friday, August 25, 2006


Sometimes I can hardly understand why I support Galatasaray, or more precisel;y the intelligent, informed football fans who control the finances and club..... what have they done you ask, well nothing other than give up the biggest advantage we have when playing in Europe


Are Liverpool going to play at Wembley are Man Utd going to play in Leeds, no so why on earth are Galatasaray going to play at the Olympic Stadium which has all the atmosphere and intimidation of a graveyard!!!!!

I can only think this is a cynical attempt by the management to earn maximum gate receipts but what about making sure we use our greta strength, the crowd and the atmosphere at Ali Sami Yen to get us through a group which it is possible to get through and then progress further.

Of course I may be missing something and our stadium is not fit for European games and if thats the case then there is no choice, but of its purely financial then shame on you Canaydin.


Oz Kanka said...

Purely money-making. Although I think Galatasaray would have been rather embarassed if a UEFA committee came along and declared Ali Sami Yen unsafe. It would certainly make it more difficult to continue playing domestic matches there.

You can imagine the headlines now. "Not safe for Europeans, but safe enough for us"

Oz Kanka said...

Is this a first!!!!! Gencler and Galatasaray were playing at the same time and our blog has been updated before yours! Nothing to do with the dropping of points against Gaziantep I hope.

Yours drunkenly,
Oz Kanka

Eski Kanka Jim said...

So, Eski Kanka is not the only one who gets drunk eh ???!!!

Yeah, so OK, CimBom have dropped another two valuable points, but it's not necessary to hit the panic button yet !

Fener still have to come to 19 Mayis to play ANKARAGUCU and that's worth 3 points to CimBom yesssssssss !!!!

As for playing at the Olympic Stadium, what a bummer ! Even when Hibs played Real Madrid we still played them in our own Stadium, Easter Road. So, I hope that decision doesn't come back to haunt the CimBom management.

Yours soberly (for the moment anyway !!) Eski Kanka Jim