Monday, August 21, 2006

Tell me why.....I dont like

So according to half drunk Scotchmen in Wankara, Meduna the Vestel Manisaspor player who collapsed during the Saturday heat exhaustion clinic sponsored by the TFF was "butchered by a Galatasaray player". Whilst I can agree that the sight of a referee giving a penalty to CimBom may be enough to make a player or supporter faint I can honestly say that I think the heat is affecting more than just the players, it seems to be affecting ageing Jocks watching the match in their living rooms!!!! Maybe the kilt should be worn to make sure overheating does not occur! I for one am just glad that he is now out of hospital and that he will make a full recovery and maybe play again this season.

I cannot be bothered to debate the whys and wherefores of the match suffice to say that 2-2 was probably a fair result given Manisa's good play and Galatsaray's average play.

Anyway it seems that after a couple of deaths and collpases that finally the morons who run the TFF have finally agreed to let Aziz Yildirim decide who will win the League this year.....I mean change the times of the kick offs to 9pm so the players have a better than 50% chance of survival.

I see that Ahmet Hoca over at Turkish Soccer was complaining about the quality of the Super Lig. This from someone, like me, living in the US and who probably watches MLS, the no physical contact version of football. Compared to the English Premier then yes the Super Lig is not as exciting and not as even technically good, lets face it Emre struggles with the pace of the game at Newcassel. Also how many other Turkish players play outside of Turkey and Germany. Tugay and he is almost finished!

Is Ahmet Hoca right or not and if he is why.

Is it the number of foreign players in the League? According to the round ball in Ankara here are 102 non-Turkish players including 24 Brazilians, wonder if that includes Mehmet and Mert, Aurelio and Nobhead? Are they good foreigners or are they cheap and keeping Turkish players from the teams. Or is that some clubs simply buy foreigners and forget to develop their young players. I was looking at the Galatsaray team recently and the number of youth team players coming through, Arda, Ugur, Ferhat, Aydin etc. seems good, is that happening everywhere?

Should Turkish players play overseas? I think so. Hasan Sas would be a much better player for having spent 2 or three years being kicked by defenders like Alan Stubbs and Kevin Davies!!!

So is Turkish football going backwards and is Aziz totally to blame!!! You know the answer so lets hear your views!!!


Oz Kanka said...

You ask quite a few questions there Gulay. I'll let Sir Eski defend himself (if possible).

Agreed, changing the kick-off times to 9pm isn't much of a change. Don't forget that they moved the Trabzon match to only 8pm due to TV commitments. So much for having the player's interest at heart.

I think Ahmet Hoca is right. It is too early to play football. I would suggest not starting until September and scrap the winter break.

Last season it hardly snowed once during the winter break, four weekends when we could have had football. Then once it was over the snow came down and they had to postpone a whole round.

But why postpone all matches, somehow I doubt that Antalya will be affected by snowstorms this year.

Then why not play matches during Bayrams. Look at the Boxing Day-New Year schedule in the Premier League.

In the end it is easy to fit in the full league and still start a few weeks late.

As for the foreigners in Turkey list. We took that from an Hurriyet article and already we have found mistakes (check out the comments section of the post) and so while the figures are wrong they are around about right. And yes the list did include Aurelio and Nobhead.

Turkish players overseas? Agreed, they should be out there getting experience. The only hassle is price. The limits on foreigners rule inflates the prices of Turkish players inside Turkey, effectively pricing the "average players" out of Europe.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Yeah, OK, sniffle sniffle, I did exaggerate a wee bit....well...a big bit !

Yeah, OK, I was half drunk, but I wasn't wearing my kilt which, I agree might have affected me !

However, in my defence, I am so used to the Ankara teams, especially ANKARAGUCU, at the receiving end of CimBom's over physical approach. I should also mention a certain bias from referees against Ankara teams, especially when they are playing against the Istanbul Big 3.

Concerning the present fuss about KO times, what a load of bullshit.

I have refereed in Cyprus in pre-season friendlies in July and the League in August and have never seen anyone carried off with heat exhaustion.

If pre-season training is done properly, and players pace themselves, then they should have no problem with 8 or 9pm KOs.

Can't agree with Oz Kanka about the winter shut down. The weather in Dec/Jan/Feb is too unpredictable to make sweeping statements on this subject.

I think the winter shut down is also favoured by coaches which gives them time to reflect at the half way stage and make team changes where necessary.

Good luck to CimBom tomorra in their YooRo match and hope the draw for the next round is favourable !!

All the best from a sober (for now) Eski Kanka

Gulay said...

Oz, you make som good points especially about the price of local players but I really think that some of the locals should go overseas and then return, it can only do good things for the league.

I could see from the posts that there were questions about the Hurriyet article but still its a lot of players of dubious quality in some instances.

Sir Eki, you apologies are accepted. I understand your feelings though about referees favoring the big 3 as in my opinion (wearing the red and yellow glasses) its the big yin. But please CimBom overphysical, when was the last time you watched the SPL or the EPL, how would you feel if Ankargucu or Genc were playing Blackburn or Bolton, now there is physical. The difference is that the players on the recieving end flap like dead fish in SuperLig whereas in the UK its get up and take it like a man!

Anyway lets hope CimBom do the biz on Weds and I also (for the sake of Turkish Football only ) hope FB also scrape through. Did I really say that aaarrrrggggghhhhhhh

ahmet turgut said...

Gulay Hanim,Graeta points......
Any one who visits Izmir Area will know Aagust in Eagean area disaster... I was born in Bergama, Izmir. Last time I toook my family to Bergama, we could not sleep even at night in August... As all of you know Bergama is not far from Manisa.