Monday, August 14, 2006

Normal service resumed

So finally Galatasaray kick their season off. After the 5-2 demolition of the Czechs in midweek it was the turn of Kayserispor to try to halt the CimBom express.

They failed.

All in all not a good week for the Kayserispor/Erciyespor area with a total of 10 conceeded against real teams. The same can be said of the capital teams as the Kadikoy mob are at the top of the league after the inept, pathetic and obvioulsy bribed performance of Genclerbirligi, no signs of Promise there then......and to think they did not even have Appiah or Serkan Balci playing after their red cards....and the Kankas think Ankaraspor are not worth supporting........

Anyway onto the match. The first 45 minutes, apart from the last minute can be filed in the garbage can, it was worse than watching paint dry, no passion, inept playing and that barn door kept on appearing. In the interests of fairness, an unusual concept for this blog it has to be said, Kayserispor should have had a penalty and Mondragon would have been taking an early shower and that may have changed the game, it might have woken them up!!!Having said that GS should have had a penalty in the first half which would have livened things up, but as usual when no Brazilian is involved (not wearing red and yellow) there was no penalty given. Then Arda scored in the last minute, just when I was thinking of watching Professional Poker on ESPN.

So the second half, cant get much worse, I thought and so it did not. 3 goals scored in the second half, Ilic (2) and Cihan, has he had a nose job, he looked more streamlined anyway. The performance was much better, the ability to pass to each other, score, etc. improving beyond recognition from the first half.

I thought Ilic had an excellent game, as he did on Wednseday as well. I guess he is well rested after the World Cup where he did not excatly spend much energy! I wish the transfer window was closed already as he could still be tempted away although if we get through to the frst round of the Chimps League I guess he will stay.

Who is Arda you say. He is a product of the youth system at Galatasaray, a seemingly unique concept in Istanbul. He has had a good week though, 2 in the Chimps League and one on Sunday.

No coment yet on Carrusca as he has not had much time to impress, but from the little seen of him he looks promising.

So to all the idiots out there shouting for Gerets removal after the 1-1 draw with Ankaraspor, get a life, when a goal keeper has an inspired day there is not much you can do.

Nice touch from Mondragon, after Hakan gave him the captains armband it needed tightening and he got one of the ball boys to do that. When he was finished he gave a kiss to the boys forehead, its amazing what fatherhood can do for a guy!!!

I think that's all for now, time for cay,


Oz Kanka said...

You suggest that Gencler were bribed. Nah... just pathetic

Gulay said...

well it was tongue in cheek