Saturday, March 18, 2006


So maybe I should keep my mouth shut in future about predictions for the results of matches. Having assumed that FB would continue their recent habit of not winning in Ankara they go and thrash Ankargucu 4-1. As much as I hate to say this they probably just about deserved to win but I thought 4-1 was a bit harsh. Some help from the 12year old with the whitsle today who was somewhat erratic in his decisions, especially the sending off...not evn the most rabid FB fan (and lets face it most probably are) would consider that the Ankara player should have been sent off for a non-existent challenge on Samih.

Anyway enough about the budgies. I had a good day relaxing at home today recovering from jet lag and watching Fox Soccer Channel. I have to say that as much as I love to watch Galatasaray the English Premier League has to be the best to watch closely followed by the Spanish. You should only watch Italian if you like to watch grass grow, I mean not even the Italians go to watch the matches there!

For those of you who like soccer tactics check out the following link Soccer Tactics that has more of these. Thanks to OzKanka for the link:

Oh yes one final thing. Although the Turkish Tourism Office do a reasonable job with their adverts this one from the Australians really takes the gold medal in my opinion. Check out the following Oz Tourism Website and then follow the lead to "tvadvert". Classic.

And finally finally its the Malyasian Grand Prix tomorrow, so come on Kimi crush the Kraut this week.

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Oz Kanka said...

The referee did look 12 years old. Good observation.