Thursday, March 09, 2006

Galatasary's cup of woe

After playing so well against Samsun now Galatasaray had to face the canaries in the Turkish Cup at the canary house. Anyway the result was a 2-1 loss for Galatasaray. Now I know I have said alot about referee's recently but last night was a classic example of the FB favouritism this season.

FB's first goal a case in point. Umit Karan was penalized for being offside even he was about 3 yards onside when the ball was played. FB played route 1 from the free kick and the ball was played in to GS penalty box where Anelka was standing offside. But no flag, why not the linesamn did not know who the ball was going to be played to so he should have flagged. Lucian jumps, takes out Song, does not touch the ball, and then scores and according to the referee there was nothing wrong with that. When GS players are hit by missileds thrown from the stands, no action, when Alex gets his hair wet, its a booking for whihcever GS player is closest to him! GS had two goals cancelled because of offisde from some old man who I think usually sells tea at Kadikoy and picked up the flag by mistake!

Anyway the freekick that Tomas gave away for the winning goal was stupid, all he had to do was clear the ball, maybe as an ex FB player Aziz is paying his salary for last night!!!!!!

The only good thing from this week is Chelski and Real Madrid going out of the Champions League. Lest wait for the weekend for GS to hammer Trabzon!