Friday, June 22, 2007

Troughs and peaks?

I must admit a couple of weeks ago I was rather depressed about the state of the squad for next season and was wondering who was going to arrive and how we would improve the team. The first major signing of Linderoth did little to change my opinioin that we would be the poor cousins this summer to the Kadikoy mob.

However the recent arrivals and the string rumors around a couple of other players seem to suggest that the club has some kind of plan and that whilst none of the players has the marketing allure of Roberto Carlos they have other advantage. Mainly that they are under 30, have a few years left in them and are generally cheaper. They all seem to be team players rather than egos which is also an advantage. So I am wondering whether GS are actually being cuter in the transfer market than FB. Time will tell of course but I am cautiously optimistic that we will be at least challenging next season and that total embarrassment might be avoided in the UEFA Cup.

Transfers so far:

Ismael Bouzid
Tobias Linderoth
Serkan Calik and Baris Uzbek from Rot Weiss Essen
Orkan Usak

LINCOLN pictured and confirmed

and possibly Rommedahl.

That represents a fairly rounded list and with alot of the young loan players coming back the squad is not looking too bad.


Emre Kizilkaya said...

Gulay, do you remember the times that Fenerbahce was being entitled as "the champion of the transfer" before the season starts and Galatasaray won the championship in the end? It seems to me that now its vice versa:)

Joking. Linderoth is a very good transfer. Lincoln is also a good transfer, if we don't experience another Ortega story (because he is a little bit problematic like him).

Gulay said...

The only difference is that Ortega was at FB and Lincoln is coming to a real club!!!!!!!

The other transfers including the recent arrival from Antalya will certainly strengthen the squad, its how quickly they can be molded into a team that is the concern....