Monday, June 11, 2007

TFF favor CimBom

Over the last few months I have read an awful lot of drivel from Kadikoy types that TFF is biased against them. Please. The recently handed down punishment from TFF should put paid to that idea, 5 matches behind closed door and a 110,000 Euro fine. If anything the Kadikoy mob should be happy they only got a what 2 match stadium closure for hitting Mondragon with a smoke bomb in an incident which if he had walked, indeed the ref should have stopped the game, would have seen a 3-0 win to GS. Witness the recent Denmark Sweden game.

So the next budgie mouthed yellow and blue that comes over with "Ulusoy hates us crap" will get an even less sympathetic hearing than normal.

Thats not to say that GS did not deserve punishment.

Despite that the TFF totally failed to address the underlying problems in the Super Lig and Turkish Soccer in general. Instead of using last seasons problems as a vehicle to discuss and introduce structural reforms on media rights, club ownership, limits on foreign players etc. what do they do?????? nothing. Until some radical restructuring takes place you will continue to get similar episodes and also crazy stuff like what happened at Genc, pity poor Oz Kanka, darling of the media.

Anyway that pretty much means we have nothing to look forward to for next season, just a second rate team playing in a third rate league, run by the village idiot committee, in a 5th rate stadium against aging Brazilians and managed by a pensioner. The stuff of dreams, cant wait, yippee, rah rah etc. etc.


Oz Kanka said...

Glad to see that you are as hyped up as I am for the new season

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Stop crying like babies you two and do something positive.

Like what for example I can hear you implore ???

Dig out and dust off your Blue and Yellow gear and support a team with lots of positives, eg, a young up and coming coach, Hakan Kutlu, two `young` international super stars added to the team, Alpay and Sergen.

Looks like ANKARAGUCU will be all fired up and full-on to challenge the Kadikoy mob next season. Leave it to us ..... come and join us yesssssssssssss !!!

Gulay said...

Let me amend my final comments then to include past it turkish players....