Monday, June 04, 2007

Fast forward to the past

When I first heard the news I could hardly believe it but now it appears that it is true. Next season CimBom will be coached by a 73 year old who quit his last position due to health reasons!!!!

I am sure Feldkamp was an excellent coach back in the day, but surely the Board could have looked forward instead of reaching into the biscuit tin and pulling out a stale digestive. I know he won the championship back in 92/3 and the Turkish Cup but really what were the Board thinking. I can only assume that this is a symptom of the problems at the club, especially financial as no younger coach would accept the job and I can hardly blame them as we probably have absolutely no money to recruit players and then pay them.

The other problem with Galatasaray and most other Turkish clubs is that they only ever look at the short term. For example the Championship score is now 17-16 against CimBom which means that the media and management feel the need to even things up next year. With the cycle of elections and the chairmanship battles which lead to instability for the coaches there is no chance that a coach can have time to rebuild a clubs playing staff and plan for the long term. This is made worse when the Managers go out and buy players they think are okay and then recruit a coach to turn them into a team without bothering to find out of the players can play together. I mean for a perfect example of how to mess things up look at Chavski, Ballack and Schevchenko were bought by the owner, the managers need for a defender was ignored and the balance of the team was upset. Man Utd on the other hand are benefiting for a couple of years of rebuilding and the process is continuing. It has been 4 years between titles for Man Utd and when you consider the money spent and the pressure Sir AF is under to deliver that kind of gap is hard to take. Of course whilst Canaydoin is chairman nothing will change and in fact until they do away with the Charimanship and start managing the club professionally nothing will change.

Anyway all I can hope is that Feldkamp does his best and that we are not humiliated next season!!!

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