Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bad Craziness

What is the world coming to.

I am not sure what is more amazing, Oz Kanka beating Ahmet to the draw on The round ball in Ankara: Nick Carle signs for Genclerbirligi or that Nick Carle actually signed for Genclerbirligi. Obvioulsy the draw of a fellow antipodean soccer nut in Ankara offset the chance to play for something resembling a decent club in Istanbul!!! Only time will tell.

Next up. Genclerbirligi install a revolving door in the coaches office. This will help to avoid the coach having to actually sit at his desk between signing and resigning.

And next up we have Tuncay heading for the smog bandits or Middlesborough as they are really known. I guess most Turkish soccer fans have no idea of what kind of place Middlesborough is. So I asked the Husband who went to University just up the road in Newcastle. Here is what he told me because I have never been there and from the description I am not sure I want to..... Boro is an old Industrial town and has one of the biggest chemical works in England as its main employer. Hence the name smog bandits, as the air is always polluted from the chemicals etc. It also has a large port Teesport and there is absolutely no reason for any normal person to want to go there. Guess Tuncay will have a bit of culture shock then as there is not much that resembles the marina, Moda or Bagdat Caddesi nearby.....However just South of there is the North Yorkshire Moors National Park with some semi decent places to live and Durham is not that far away and that is very civilized.

Ankaragucu copies Galatsaray. Thats right, you know what I mean. Just because we employ a pensioner German you have to follow hoping this a cunning plan to global soccer domination. Oh and somehow I cant see Alpay or Sergen setting the Lig alight.

Galatasaray find spare change under the couch. Well that can be the only explanation I can see as for a club that owes something like $35m we can suddenly afford Linderoth, maybe Lincoln, possibly Riquelme plus a lease on a shiny new stadium!!!! Either that or Polat has been saving all his change in a jar and finally counted it up.

And then the Kadikoy mob, what can you say. Get rid of Umit Ozat, Tuncay and probably Rustu despite having Chimps League to look forward to and bring in Roberto Carlos who is past his prime and more excitingly for Turkish Soccer in general Kazim Richards. Like Tuncay he will suffer culture shock, Sheffield is definitely not Istanbul.....

As for Besiktas well who knows what is going on?????

And thats just this week folks. Wonder what will happen this weekend and next week.

Will Genclerbirligi get another new coach? will Ankaragucu become the Chelsea Pensioners?? will Anakarspor be the top Ankara team, will Kasimpasa prove they exist???

Will Ulusoy resign.???(please, please,please....)

Exciting times we live in....


Oz Kanka said...

Hey... I've beaten Ahmet before.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

And...... our world famous German coach is more world famous than yours......... and....... he is not a pensioner yet. He's only 51 which is only slightly older than Eski Kanka !!!

and...... A*****spor will NEVER nay NEVER be Ankara's top team as long as my bottom points southwards !!!

and..... can I play too ??? OK.. I've beaten Ahmet before too !!!

Oz Kanka said...

"Can I play too," says Sir Eski Kanka Jim.

Mmmm. Perhaps only after you actually get an Ankaragucu match report onto our blog before the Turkish Daily News.

Admittedly, the TDN is not hampered by the fact that we are normally too drunk to do a report on the actual day of the match.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Troo troo..... hic hic hic .... very troo !!