Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Swedes and Turnips.....I mean Tuncay

At last a new signing. Swedish International Tobias Linderoth formerly of FC Copenhagen has agreed to join CimBom. Well that got my pulse racing and made me more excited about next season and hanging on every word coming out of Canaydin's mouth.......not.

Still at least hes not as old and past it as signings at other clubs...Carlos at FB and Alpay and Sergen for Ankargucu!!!!!!

Good to see my tongue in cheek effort to find employment for Sven is working out over at TurkishSoccer.com. You never know he could be the next Turkish Manager.......or not.

And finally....the FB types are getting all hot and bothered about Tuncay and the possibility he might move to England. Whilst a move outside of Turkey appears to be tolerated its the fact that the clubs interested are Middlesborough, Birmingham and Newcastle that has the budgie fanciers worried.

A few facts of life might be in order here.

The EPL gets 4 spots in the Chimps League, 2 direct and 2 qualifying. The SuperLig gets 2 spots both through qualifying. The EPL gets 3 spots in the UEFA Cup plus the FA Cup and Carling Cup winner. The Superlig gets 1 and the Turkish Cup Winner. This would appear to suggest that the EPL is somewhat stronger than the SuperLig. At the moment FB are the strongets team in Turkey but that really is not saying alot given the quality of the opposition. I mean apart from CImBom, Besiktas and Trabzon there has been no real challenge and the majority of games are or should be given the relative strengths of the teams not much of a contest. Compare that to the EPL where a team like Bolton or Reading on limited resources can beat or draw with the big 4 on a regular basis. I would suggest that none of the Superlig teams would be regulars in the EPL, they are more like Championship sides. So why on earth do FB supporters think Tuncay is moving down if he plays for one of the less big clubs in the EPL, they are more professional and better run than almost every club in Turkey. If he plays for Birmingham or Middelsborough for example he would probably be in the starting line up and would be playing against world class players in almost every match and every match would be competitive and he would no longer have the benefit of Turkish refereeing. Wonder how he would cope with Robbie Savage, Joey Barton, Paul Scholes, Carvalho, Terry, Faye, Nelsen, Hyppia, Carragher, Ferdinand, Vidic et al He would be fitter, learn to concentrate for 90 minutes (something FB failed to do on a number of occasions last season), curb his theatrics, play at a high tempo and become a better player for the experience. I think Tuncay is one of the bright lights of Turkish football but I do not think that at this stage in his career he should be picking splinters out of his ass by moving to Man Utd, Arsenal etc. or playing for the reserves which is what he would be doing at any of the top clubs. On the other hand he could stay at FB and play in exhibition games most weeks with only 6 or even 4 meaningful games each season.



Dear Gulay Hanim, I do agree with you about Tuncay... I think he will be lost out there...First,I think he will puke at his first practice at Boro's camp!...
Do you remember what happened to Emre when he fisrt went to England?

Oz Kanka said...

Come on then Turkishsoccer, what did happen to Emre?

Eski Kanka Jim said...

I would guess that he had to go on a `special` English course.

Have you ever tried to understand Geordies frae Newcastle ???!!!

Alex said...

Gulay, your last post was a little on the negative side.
The EPL is not this great league that you make it out to be, for instance Chelsea & Utd were well clear of the rest by Christmas, if your looking at a league for drama look to the Spanish or German ones.

These leagues were not over night success stories they took time to build.
The Superlig does need radical changes & I'm also not sure of Terim.
But who has the balls to make these changes while the big three can sit and run things. It would be great if some rich guy buys a team like say Kasimpasa and invests loads in players then that can shake up the system.


Oz Kanka, He couldn't finish the first practice with Newcastle!
Oz Kanka, what is going on your blog?..some people are being rude!

Gulay said...

Alex, I agree that not all the clubs in the EPL are the same standard but in Spain and Germany it was a three horse rather than a 2 horse race so not much difference there then and in both cases the favorites blew it, Schalke and probably Barca. My point is that the Superlig standard is not that good really, there are only ever 4 teams that consistently challenge, the rest are paupers. At least in the EPL and others teams like Bolton and Reading can with good management and dedicated team building pose a challenge to the upper echelons. You are right they were not overnight success stories but have needed long term change for the EPL post Hillsborough and for Spain and Germany having to play catch up. Since the Superlig started only 4 clubs have won it. The EPL has been won by Utd, Leeds, Blackburn, Chelsea and Arsenal in the what 14? years since it started . In Germany Bayern M had a lock on the Bundesliga until this season and in Spain it is inevitably Real or Barca. The Superlig has hardly eveolved since it started and as we all agree that is a real problem but still to compare FB, GS and BJK to EPL, Bundesliga or La Liga teams in terms of success and revenue is far fetched. Whn (if) the TFF get their heads out of their asses and do something about the tsructure of the league, team ownership and media rights then maybe things will change but I am not exactly holding my breath.

Oz Kanka said...

Turkishsoccer, sorry about the rudeness but when people start discussing Fenerbahce on an Ankara football blog...

I just duck. :)

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Also for Mr Turkish Soccer... you have obviously never been to an ANKARAGUCU match at the 19 Mayis Stadium and stood beside the Gecikondu Boys.

It's not so much hatred against the Istanbul team..... more like venom or loathing !!!

Please don't be so sensitive about footie manners. Some of our kankas like to speak their minds !!!!