Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snow, snow glorious snow..........not!

So Friday, what was all that about? 2-1 up and a couple of minutes left and what happens we let the Konya player score apparently. Useless thats what they are this season, useless. and withe Kadikoy mob winning at Bursaspor thats pretty much it for the season I think. Now all we ca do is hope we get a UEFA cup spot and hope the management can bring in some reasonable players in the summer.

I say apparently because I did not see the game due to the weather conditions in New Jersey. On Thursday it was 17 degrees and then Friday morning it started to snow and by Saturday morning we had 15 inches of snow!!!!! I had to go into the City to get my laptop sorted as some slimeball had sent an email with a virus or something which corrupted my Outlook that I use for my work email. The snow was causing problems for the trains so I did not get back in time to watch the match.

Husband and I watched the Man Utd Bolton match. Now there is football, speed precision, excitement and good spirit! Pretty much all of which is missing from the Super Lig this season.

Looks like there was some excitement at the Vestel Manisa game, anybody know what happened?

Here is a picture of our area after the snow last night and the neighbors clearing efforts.

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Oz Kanka said...

Regarding the Manisa match, according to the papers the Manisa keeper had a go at the ref, as did a trainer. All very silly and some extremely long bans are coming up.