Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hard to believe

Well, well, well, that was certainly a turn up for the books. After all the doom and gloom from the majority of Turkish supporters the outcome was better than anyone could have seen. I mean even Volkan played well.

As well as Turkey played they were helped by a Greek side that looks past its sell by date, especially the goalkeeper. I was starting to think that Volkan and nikopilidis had swapped souls or something because Volkan actually played well as Nikopilidis had a nightmare. I would not like to be him and read the newspapers tomorrow!!!!!!

I was impressed with the way Turkey played after the Greeks scored. No panic and they looked the best side for most of the game. I am glad Stelios missed his chance when it was 2-1 though as if he had scored we might not be so happy!!! Anyway he missed and the rest is history.

Most of the players we were saying were not good enough or in poor form played well, Sabri was great, Hakan led the line very well, Volkan made a couple of good saves. Lets hope they can continue in this form now and beat Norway on Wednesday.

As for the Husband, that was a pathetic display be England. Not sure how much longer McClaren will be the coach.

Anyway who cares Turkey won, the biggest ever win for either side in the Greece Turkey matches.


Oz Kanka said...

Bloody amazing is all I can say. As for England... oh dear oh dear (and also a hahaha).

cem said...

I think we'll beat Norway on wednesday. That is unless a mob of Hitler Nationalists shoots all of our players. That would be bad.Huh.

Just trying to make a point here Gulay, I hope you got it.

Take care.

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Who gives a shit what happens in Norway or Andorra on Wednesday.

The BIG ONE is in Italy !!!!

Gulay said...

why is there a game or something????

Eski Kanka Jim said...

Grrrrrrrr .... sometimes I love Gulay and sometimes ...... !!