Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lessons to learn

First of all congratulations to Oz Kanka's sister in law who has recently given birth and chosen the superb name of Rose.....not that I am biased of course.

I was having a discussion with a Besiktas supporter the other day, not an everyday occurrence I admit but at least its possible unlike with some teams.......and we were talking about the poor state of play in the Turkish league. He made some interesting comments and I thought I would share them especially on a Chimps league day which could see four English teams through and where not that long ago we could have expected Galatasaray or even the Kadikoy mob to at least be involved and have some hope.

These days it seems that when a Turkish team lose in Europe it is almost expected and people are not surprised. For example when AZ Alkmaar knocked out FB the reaction was not as great as it would have been a few years ago. Its the same when Galatasaray kept losing in the Chimps League this season to teams with the exception of Liverpool we really should expect to beat. Have the standard in the Turkish League fallen so low that we now consider ourselves worse than French League 1 or Dutch Eerdivisie teams and that we expect to lose????

If thats the case what can/should be done, anything? nothing?

Another point was that what is the Turkish team going to do for a goalkeeper now that Volkan is effectively finished, maybe hope that Mondragon changes his name to Abdullah or something but even he has been less consistent than previously....where are the Turkish goalkeepers????

Also what about a target man. Other than Hakan Sukur there is no forward in the Turkish League who can play with his back to goal and bring in payers form midfield, for a prime example Dimitar Berbatov gave a textbook example of how to do this when Tottenham played Bolton recently almost all of the attackers play the Brazilian way which is to drop deep take the ball and then run at the defence. Unfortunately Hasan Kabze and the rest are not very good at it.

What do you think?


Oz Kanka said...

This is a long... long.... long-term problem. I think the success of Galatasaray and the Turkish national team a few years ago was in many ways the exception to the general rule of Turkish football.

Anyone remember when England beat Turkey 8-0. Not that many years ago really.

Until kids in Turkey start playing proper football (on grass not on carpet), until they start up proper amateur leagues etc etc, Turkey will just have to hope that the Turks in Germany don't opt to play for Germany.

Gulay said...

agreed but surely there has to be some cause for hope, in Arda and Tuncay etc. there are some good players but where are the rest

Eski Kanka Jim said...

I've said this before and I'll keep on saying it..... every team must have a youth team involved in Youth Leagues for under-17s right down to under 8s.

If Turkey is really serious about success in YooRo footie it must follow the example set in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

I don't mean `mickey mouse` matches on synthetic grass pitches, but bona fide leagues where the boys learn to be competative against other similar high level opponents.

This is the only way forward and the Turkish Government must set aside a budget to help finance the formation of a body to oversee this project.

In the meantime, the only thing to do is to bring in some of the fringe players from outside the hated Istanbul teams.

Two spring to mind immediately, but I'm sure there are more...
Umut Bulut and Gokhan Unal.

Just because you play for Denizli or Rize or (dare I say it.... ANKARAGUCU !!) should not debar a player from representing his country !!

I say to the Turkish Government and the TFF..... put your money where your mouth is !!

Gulay said...

totally agree with you but it seemed to me thath the Turkish media almost expected the teams to do badly compareed to previous years.....still at least I can watch You Tube in the US