Sunday, March 11, 2007


Before anything else I would like to say Gecmis Olsun to Musa who suffered a horrible injury, probably a broken leg, in todays game when he inadvertently kicked Arda I think it was. Thank you to LigTV who kept on replaying the scene, I am not sure I wanted to see it 20 times!!!!

Well at the edn of the first half the best Turkish Player on display was ........Tuday who was playing for Blackburn against Man City in the FA Cup. I was keeping an eye on that game and at 36 Tugay still appeared to be the calm centre of the storm. What a pity that not one of the players in Istanbul could copy him. Its no wonder Terim has recalled him but what a bad statement about the quality of the other Turkish players.

Inamoto was terrible, I think he made one successful pass and the Ergun was the same!! Thank goodness for Arda who appears to be able to control the ball.

The second half was a lot better, in fact Galatasaray controlled the game apart from the Trabzon goal that is. The Husband compared to the goal to watching Nat Lofthouse in his prime who apparently was famous for knocking goalkeepers into the goal.

I think the 2-1 result was a good result and the performance in the second half was much better than recently so that was encouraging.

No change in the league positions though as the Kankas obviously failed miserably to get behind Ankargucu who lost to Besiktas. Keeps things alive for a another couple of weeks though.

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Eski Kanka Jim said...

On behalf of everyone associated with ANKARAGUCU Football Club I would to apologise for our inaptitude of turning pressure into goals against Besiktas.

You guys across the pond were fortunate that you didn't have to squirm and curse your way through the match !!!