Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why work at home

You know I am fairly new to this blog business and also the whole internet home business. One thing I have already learnt is that there is an awful lot of smoke and mirrors out there that goes by the name of easy money. Anyway I am going to see if I can make a go of this for a while, I mean I can always get a proper job if I wanted to.

Why do I and why should you want to work from home?

First of all it makes me some money, not a huge amount but enough to buy some of the finer things in life.
As I set my own hours and work when I feel like it I get the chance to spend time with my seven cats and two dogs. Kimi, one of my dogs, has a bad habit of peeing on the floor if he is left alone during the day so by working at home I can try to make sure this does not happen too often!!!
Thirdly I can watch Galatasaray play football whenever I want and never miss a game. I am a Cim Bom fanatic and with living in the US the time difference is a killer meaning that matches are shown at lunchtime during the week. If I had a Boss he might get suspicious if I had a sick day every time they played.

So I get the freedom to work when I wnat and I get the benefits of being with my pets, what more can I ask for. Well I wish my husband would start to pick up his socks and stop snoring but that is another matter entirely.

So if you feel the urge to try something different take a look at my web site:


and sign up today to start your way

bye for now, back soon

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