Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kimi had a trim update

So finally I got Kimi to the groomers and got him trimmed. His new look can be seen in the attached photo. I think he looks very handsome now. Unfortunatley because he now has short hair and its damn cold in Cleveland at this time of year he now has to wear a coat when we go for our walks, but hey its better than looking like a dishevelled rat.I am not sure whether hea likes to wear the coat and certainly Lucky is always very suspicious of him when he wears it but better to perhaps look strange than get cold.

Anyway I have over the last couple of weeks been trying to start another home based business but it seems like a money pit. I signed up for something called plug in profits and was promised 30 days of training and that there would be no costs after I had the website site up. So I followed all the advice whihc included setting up this blog, although I am now enjoying this, and after 14 days the lessons stopped. Are these schmes scams, does anyone have any experience of them that is good? I seem to be spending a lot of time and effort for not much reward!

Anyway the Turkish soccer league is still on its winter break. Unfortunatley the National Team did not qualify for the World Cup in Germany this summer so there is no reason for the league to finish early like the English Premier League is. That means I am missing my team Galatasary playing! Its worse than giving up smoking...

I think thats enough for today,

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