Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kimi gets a trim

In my last post I talked about why I work at home and some of the benefits that it brings me, like being able to spend time with my two dogs, Lucky and Kimi. These are two dogs that I resuced from the streets of Istanbul and then brought with me when I moved to the US. You can see their pictures here, Lucky is the black dog and Kimi is the white one. I am not sure exactly how old they are or even what breed they are but I love them anyway.

So today it is time for Kimi to have a haircut and bath. The first time I tried this I used a normal set of hair clippers on him with baaad results. He looked like a pineapple when I had finished. So now I am taking him to a professional this afternoon and will take the opportunity to do a spot of shopping whilst he is being sorted.

And thats why I work from home, if I worked in an office I would have to do these things at the weekend and rush and hurry. This way I get less stress and more time. Think about it when you are considering what to do with your life.

I will be back soon with a picture of the new Kimi.

Gulay Ozfirat

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