Thursday, January 19, 2006

NIghtmare over

Well here I am again feeling better now that the Bayram is over and raring to go and make up for lost time. I know that to many people the Kurban Bayram is a deep religious experience but for me it is the opposite and I have been having nightmares when I have been sleeping so all in all I am glad its over. I am trying to make a living working at home and so far it has been tough even though it has its benefits like being able to spend time with my dogs. If I had kids it would let me do the same although I believe that my dogs are my kids. Any comments pet lovers.

So anyway life in Cleveland goes on in the cold and dark, I cant wait for summer! This weekend I will be going to the Western Market to shop, its a place that I have been recommended and so far not made so lets see what its like and I will get back to you. Of course that will be after the Man Utd Liverpool match on Saturday.

Anybody who fancies some light reading could check out the following extreme work of fiction:

Bye for now,