Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Start of the Season

So the Turkish soccer season has restarted finally after the winter break. My team which is Galatasaray in my opinion the only team worth supporting in Turkey managed to scrape a win in the restart match against Konyaspor. Pele once said that football is the beautiful game, well let me tell you he probably never watched a match like this one. Even as a Galatasaray supporter it was hard work to watch and most definitely was not beautiful. Still the result was all that matter given that the mafia team, Fenerbahce, had won their match on Friday. So we are now 4 points behind the cheats and 17 matches left in the season so plenty of time to catch them and overcome them.

On a more serious note I have been embarassed by the way the Turkish Government handled the recent bird flu crisis. Sometimes I depair of my countrymen, whilst the rest of the world issues internet, tv and radio messages our Prime Minister suggests that information should be spread through Friday Prayers at the mosque. Ok some parts of the country do not have such good communications but Imams as the main method of information in this daya and age. And then people in Turkey wonder why the EU have a negative image of us!!!!!

If you are interested in reading more about Turkey and its politics check out Turkish Torque whose link you can find to the side.

Anyway I have to go and take my dogs for a walk so bye for now.